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@def: Unfortunately it is back down to like 130 today. If you are desperate, you can get in on that.

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If I didn't hate the patriots that would be awesome.Now if you wanted to make a seahawks jersey, that would be pretty cool.

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Since Steamgifts has been broken for me lately, does anyone want these codes?

Burnout Paradise - M8LPP-IDRME-XJ2HY

Medal of Honor - EEBLJ-5XD5C-PHDAP

These are both on Steam, but I'll probably have some Origin ones after I figure out which games I actually already own.

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My turnips are at 445 bells today. If anyone wants in just pm me your info.

Brody 1349-5372-1037

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@captainthunderpants: I've actually found the progressive to be the worst when I try to watch. Streaming is the only thing that ever works for me.

It's weird how so many people have issues with the video player but they seem to be different for everyone.

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I agree. I haven't been able to watch videos consistently for months. Occasionally I'll try to watch one and it will work fine, but that is becoming increasingly rare lately. It's really frustrating and makes most of the site's content useless.