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The Witcher Enhanced Edition: Directors Cut

A fuck ton of coupons

4 coal (I actually wouldn't mind keeping the coal)


Any game I don't already own

More coal

If you're interested please either PM me or contact me through Steam, my Steam name is Halfbeard

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@SteamPunkJin: If you want to trade that Sacred 2 coupon for anything I got, let me know. That's a game I wouldn't mind picking up on the cheap.

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@RTSlord: Hey I'd love to trade something for Puzzle Chronicles. I just sent you a friend request on Steam so please peruse my inventory and tell me if any/any combination of it looks good to you.

[Edit:] also here's my inventory in case anyone is interested. Really looking to offload these coupons onto people who need them, I will take pretty much anything for them.

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HAVE: Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath 50% off

Any Rockstar Game 50%

Any Valve Game 25%

The Ball (Full Game)

WANT: Coal

Pretty much anything else as I own or own all I want to own when it comes to the stuff my coupons give me discounts on.

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I have a 50% percent off Oddworld: Strangers Wrath coupon if anyone wants to trade. It's a great game I just already have it through Steam and I really want something, anything, that's not a coupon I can't use. I like coal, I will take any amount of coal.

[Edit: Oh yeah, My Steam name is "Halfbeard", add me if you want to trade]

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@babblinmule: Thank you very much for the compliment 
@Diamond: in the case of Tropico 3 PC version versus a Civ game then Civ 4 would beat out Tropico 3 and there would be no need to compare the console only Civ: Rev to it. If the OP can play Tropico 3 they can run Civ 4 and they can get it for cheaper (a sawbuck cheaper in fact assuming they use Steam).
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Civ: Rev, it's absolutely no contest. 
Civ:Rev is a beautifully done interpretation of a fantastic PC series series, unique from it's PC counterparts but not losing the magic they created. 
Tropico 3 is a butchered port of a quirky but still kind of meh PC game that only serves to remind us why RTS is genre best suited to mouse use. 
Nuff ' said 

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I remember that back when I was in high DQ used to actually flame-broil actual fresh beef for their burgers rather than just frozen patties like they do now (this was before the whole grill-burger BS started when they only had cheeseburgers, double cheeseburgers, bacon double cheeseburgers, and the ultimate burger available). 
 I know it's expensive and a pipe dream but I'd like to see real burgers make a comeback.

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@Hylianhero1991 said:
" "Ohh... I get it. What you're really asking is... "Will you please beat the shit out of me, Kanji?" "
God I love that line and most of the things said in P4 for that matter, though my favorite VG line of all time is still probably: 
"What is a man, a miserable little pile of secrets!" 
It's a little rote at this point but you gotta love the classics.