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@Stupot said:
 i loved DBZ because, yo dawg them guys be flying  
Every fucking friday at 8pm these were the words on my lips. 
Seriously though I have a distaste for anime as a genre like many of the people here. I have given it a chance and still have a small number of pieces that I genuinely enjoy (I will still sit down and watch Akira if it's on TV) but for the most part I just can't take it. I won't retread all the reasons everyone else has already gone over but to try and put it succinctly I find the art-form and the culture that surrounds it unbearably pretentious for what it is. I can understand a love for something niche but either calm down and realize that other people's opinions are equally valid or ask the IRS for some religion tax exemption forms and start your church of anime because this insistence of anime is starting to sound a lot like religious proselytism. 
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That happened to me with Fallout 3, I tried to play a ton of other similar games (S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Borderland, the OG fallout games, etc.) but nothing quite slated that thirst and despite the fact that I managed to move on the thought of Fallout: New Vegas still makes me drool a little bit at the prospect of getting that itch finally scratched.

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Congrats, the PSP is seriously under-rated and if you're willing to overlook it's flaws (fucking shitty wireless chip) it has some really awesome games on it and it's flexibility as a media device makes it more useful than most people give it credit for. It can be a makeshift usb stick, MP3 player, movie device, internet browser, and even a camera if you have the attachment. While I would never recommend using it as a primary source for any of the above functions (it is supposed to be and works best as games console) all of those things can break or not be in your possession at that moment and the PSP can make a great macguyver solution to that problem.

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I know I'm probably alone on this but I was really hoping for Ghost Rider to be on the roster. I've always been a GR fan and I swear I saw a flaming head silhouette on the marvel side of a promo poster during E3 giving me a little hope. 
That said I'm sure at least some of this list ain't happening and my GR pipe dream is still an ethereal possibility.

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@apoptosis61:  You know I had never thought of it before but yeah he totally does.
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@Kolonel_Kool: Oh good to know, maybe I'll check it out next time I have some time off.
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Final Fantasy 8 save file when I was just entering the Ultimecia's castle after completing all of the sidequests, I don't even remember how it happened but all I know is I ended up with a missing save file and a wasted summer.

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@Kolonel_Kool: I might just go check out heckler's next time I'm in Van, just cause I don't take the stage myself anymore doesn't mean I don't enjoy watching others do it now and then.
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I'm in Vic and I'd come if I wasn't working that night, but I'm there in spirit. As a former stand-up comedian myself I know how daunting that shit can be when you don't have anyone in your corner.

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For as much as I love normal risk having it with the graphical style of the PA games and the not having to set shit up makes this game awesome, house rules or no.