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@Jimbo: That was a great game, definitely an under appreciated gem.
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All of the mario tennis/golf games on the GBA (and I think the DS) were made by Camelot and all are scarily in depth single player sports rpgs, if you're willing to accept mario sports games as sports game that is. 

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Premiere purveyor of shit that would never normally get a North American release, Atlus, has teamed up with developer Frozenbyte, best known for Trine, to release an as of yet unannounced title sometime next year according to a press release to sent out this morning. What the title will be is going to be announced at this year's E3 so we should all be keeping an eye out for it. The only other information revealed about the title in the  press release was that it will be a downloadable game. As for what these two companies have to say on the matter here are the official statements.

Atlus vice president of sales and marketing, Tim Pivnicny, had this to say:

"In a short amount of time, Frozenbyte has established itself as a premiere international developer, delivering original, critically-acclaimed interactive entertainment.  Their last release, the cooperative physics-based action-platformer Trine, achieved arguably more acclaim and success than anybody expected, and left an indelible mark on the industry as to how new technology can help completely redefine a classic gaming genre. We're incredibly excited for the opportunity to help them bring their next impressive project to the international gaming community."

For the other side of the deal here CEO of Frozenbyte, Lauri Hyvärinen's statement:

"We couldn't be happier signing our new game with Atlus. As an independent developer we felt that partnering with a publisher who is flexible and shares our vision of the game was the best way to bring the game out to a large audience. We can't wait to unveil the mystery - I'm confident that we're creating one of the best titles of 2011!"

While neither of these companies are exactly the biggest names  in the industry both are well known for the quality of their earlier projects and  hopefully this new title will be true to that legacy.

This post is a copy of the article of the same name from my own gaming site Halfbeard's HUD ,I'm just posting it here as I noticed no one had brought it up yet, feel free to come visit us if you want, we have a lot of other stuff up there.
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Yes but only to the suit as a tux would be a pain in the ass every morning not to mention the retard/embarrassment factor of any stains you may pick up are increased exponentially for every dollar your clothing costs.

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I my old office build there was a particular stall in the men's bathroom I like because you ended up getting nice light from the window outside the stall. It gave shitting in was is essentially a glorified box a nice and somewhat less claustrophobic atmosphere.

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@kaaaaaaahn: Dude I fucking love Moral Orel, god damn is the third season super fucked up and compelling.
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Slang is cyclical. 
First it's in and every one use it 
Then it's annoying and douchebags use it 
Then it's dead and no one uses it 
Then it's "Classic" and pretentious hipsters will use it 
And then it's finally old enough that it or a permutation becomes regularly used again bound only to be flung back to pit of obsolescence again a few years later.

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Simple yet deep, nice.

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The summer games drought always ends up sending me back into my collection to replay some old favorites, Sly Cooper and Psychonauts are always my go to-s in that situation.

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@Ultimadark:  I actually did a review of it, gave it 3.5 out of 5. It's not bad especially for the price and definitely a really good cost effective choice for an RPG lover. That said it's essentially just "God of Warcraft".