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Am I the only who realizes she's almost the Futurama retirement age. She's so old she's a fictional future age.

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I think I could rock the hell out of this game, Mass Effect on the high seas, count me in.  
By the by if the term "High Adventure" is not used at least ten times within the game it fails at it's job entirely.

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Little Big Man is a must see if you can manage to find it.  It's easily my favorite Dustin Hoffman film and a great frank look at western era america and it's conflicts with the native americans. It's a really great comparison piece to a spaghetti western like The Good the Bad and the Ugly because of the difference of perspective on the same setting. If you watch them back to back you're guaranteed an afternoon of awesome cinema.

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@CptBedlam: @tiwi: Man that is a completionists dream, best part is once you're done just put it away for a few months and you can play it all over again and you'll have forgotten just enough for it to still be fun. I'm on like my third or fourth play through of it.
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All I can say is that I'll miss the golden R.

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I would suggest Zeno clash even if for no other reason than that it's mad fun and it's so weird you have to play it, Mother-Father commands you.

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This is a Canadian reference so a lot of you may not get it but pineapples are smarter because they teach children how to speak French I've never seen a banana do that. Back in elementary school we had a educational video of a talking pineapple that would teach us french, oddly it just occured to me that pineapple is anana in French what a weird coincidence. 

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@Shaolin_Munkeh: Thanks I'll probably get that one then.
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I'm torn between the arcade and 2600 version of millepede as both were just released on gameroom and it's redundant and expensive to get both. 
The arcade version of course looks nicer and has smoother sounds but the 2600 version feels faster and has those awesome scratchy 2600 SFX I love. Any thoughts?

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I'm only pro yoshi when he's part of a mario game. When he's on his own it's substantially less entertaining.