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While it is possible that some critics will dismiss the game as "more of the same", it seems as though the guys at Bungie have worked really hard to bring us a great experience.  Knowing the quality of game Bungie is capable of producing, it seems to me that the biggest danger in terms of poor reviews comes from reviewers who refuse to like Halo on principle--namely because they don't want to be associated with the Halo-playing frat boy demographic.  I fully believe that, if the game is scored on its own merits, it will do quite well.

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The Team Bondi/Rockstar approach to L.A. Noire has been interesting.  They're definitely playing this one close to the vest--which is understandable given what sounds like a pretty rocky development process.  Regardless, it sounds like they're bringing a lot to the table: new tech, an impressive cast of voice actors, and an enormous number of cutscenes and audio.  I'm particularly interested in the gameworld because it's a time period that's pretty underrepresented in gaming.  I'm wondering if this is going to end up being a sleeper hit because, despite the Game Informer article, it really hasn't gotten much attention.  Hopefully they'll put out some new information soon.
Ultimately, though, yes I am excited.  I'm trying to keep from getting too excited because there's just not that much information available, but I'm cautiously optimistic at the very least.