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While I see the argument of sony deciding for consumers, I kinda love the idea of sony giving EA the finger. Something about how ballsy it is. Besides if a year from now access ends up being successful it's not like EA would say no and putting it on sony platforms. It probably helps for me that the only games in access's first wave that really interests me is Peggle 2, with BF 4 being a distant second after the debacle it's launch was.

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So here's what this article means in summary: NOTHING.

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While completely ignoring all previous posts because 1) TLDNR and 2) 12 beers deep in a Sam Adams winter seasonal pack. I understand where you're coming from with a lot of your issues as I've felt some myself. For me I feel like it can be narrowed to one particular feature and that's TNT. The overall lackadaisical attitude towards the whole thing bums me out. I feel like they start these great features but then burn themselves out on them almost immediately. In all fairness though i'm hoping after the site relaunch and after some of the buyout craziness settles down things smooth out and get back to what we want, because in my opinion, at ht end of the day that's all that matters.

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Fuck you, Dennis Dyack. Fuck you.

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@Groker said:

This constant whining about a lack of female playable character reminds why I virtually never read comments on this site. The community here is just so incredibly PC and terrible. You guys drive me absolutely nuts.

I could give a shit about being PC and I don't think having an opinion that a little change would be nice is "terrible." Having a female protagonist is more about just having a different perspective that the character see things through. GTA games, while usually told very well, are the same fucking tough guy antihero crook story every time and going from the trailer and this cover, its look so painfully obvious to be the more of the same all over.

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@pw2566ch said:

This DLC actually sounds pretty awesome. As for getting 5 expansions within 6 months, I think that's too much. That leaves little room to work on the expansions and make sure nothing goes wrong.

Not really. The little insight i've learned over the years into game development makes me feel safe in assuming core AC3 is already done and wrapped and now their working on this stuff. Plus ubisoft is known for dividing this kind of work between multiple studios.

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Is fucking weird. I guess the company "developing" it, Necrostorm make super violent "80's style" action horror movies with over the top blood and gore, and this game totally fits their style. There's multiple beta's on their forums so check them out. In a weird way I could see there maybe being a market for this game, and considering how niche indie PC games seem to be it could totally find one.

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I know i'm gonna get a torrent of shit for this but, I almost prefer this look to his old look. I mean at least he has a shirt on. Who wears a leather jacket without a shirt?

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@OneManFreakShow said:
" I was severely disappointed in the repetitive and boring mess that was Hot Pursuit, so I do hope this one is better.Or that EA tells Criterion to make a new Burnout Paradise so I can end my three-year-long addiction with that game. "
You found Hot pursuit to be a repetitive and boring mess but have an addiction to burnout paradise?
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