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Giant Bomb, it's Sunday, and I'm bored. What are some free PC/iOS games I can be playing right now?

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Bought two Move controllers, Sports Champions, and I have a redemption code for Planet Minigolf and the new DLC coming out, but haven't punched it in yet. I'm into it. 

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Love the show. Stoked for season 5!

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Used to listen to him on a regular basis but I got sort of bored with his style. Last real trance I listed to was Armin van Buuren's "Imagine", which was fairly recently. I actually got to see Tiesto and Buuren live at Ultra Music Festival in Miami along with a bunch of other DJ's and preferred van Buuren personally. 

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I go back and listen too to some of the old ones as well. There was one old one were it was still just Jeff and Ryan and they were talking about something Peter Molyneux said in an interview about how he was working on something that would "be on the cover of science magazines"...or something like that.  
Its cool hearing it again because at this point you know Peter was talking about Kinect.  

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Ok, so just in case nobody clicked the link I posted... 

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Posted this in another thread but the Whiskey guys said that they are aware, and to expect a fix by next week

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I am in favor of this.