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You, sir, are excellent.

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I'm not entirely sure on this but in my experience if you take any hits while clearing out the room the sword door is in it refuses to open. Maybe the key is not taking any damage?

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Glover. For those of you who haven't heard of it, it's essentially Jimmy Hatcher and the Giant Egg. With a glove instead of a Jimmy and a bouncy ball instead of an egg.

And an n64 instead of a gamecube.
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I'm thinking Medium Engineer. It seems like engies have a pretty high proportion of objectives they can complete, and I like the idea of buffing myself for increased damage. And my teammates, of course. But mostly myself.

EDIT: Oh and yeah, The_Laughing_Man is right. There's no limit on what class you can play as and from what I've seen in the videos you should probably change it up on a per-objective basis. Still, I think Engie will be the one I use most or when defending.
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@GetEveryone: Just to clarify: I never said RPS was bad. I meant other sites are using GiantBomb like they use RockPaperShotgun, which is a good thing. RPS is one of the best PC gaming sites on the internet and I would never speak a word against them.
Sorry for the necropost, I just didn't want to sound like an RPS hatah.
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It's a sunroof! It's good for you. Get some natural light in there and such.

Unless you're on Haestrom.
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It keeps being advertised during commercial breaks between Top Gear and Doctor Who, so I guess I have to care about it.

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Do yourself a favor and check out Madvillainy by DOOM and Madlib for some quality East Coast Underground. 

And if you hear that and like the loose flow Das Racist's 2 first mixtapes are very much worth checking out and free.
I love the fast, loose, off-the-dome style of the aforementioned groups but full disclosure: I am really really white.
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