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I have been trying to finish up all the remix bosses in Rogue Legacy other than that a lot of time playing Magic: The Gathering online, been playing block and standard format dailies.

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Games I am most likely never playing again (Old Hat), Games I have 100% achievements (S-Ranked), Games I have beaten and trying to S-Rank (Hair pullers), Games I need to beat (Just Do It), Games I haven't touched (The Bin)

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I just wish I had some in air control :( So many times as soon as I start a jump I know death approaches with no hope.

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Anyone still play MUDs (multi-user dungeons)? I haven't played one in over a decade. I recently started doing work with a wireless module and using a shell client to program the thing got me thinking about the days of text based community driven games. The MUD I used to play on (Gateway to the night) is no longer running and trying to figure out if there are any strong communities out there. Since this community is the bee's knees I figured it is a fine place to start the search.

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So normally my job requires me to sit on my increasing growing buttocks and type random characters onto the screen to make the computer go beep-beep-boop.  However, the last few weeks I spent out on the Central California coast doing survey work for a proposed power line corridor.  Needless to say I was drunk and in a helicopter most of the time, much different than my usual Software Engineering job in Houston.  Well the company thought I did such a great job, that are we are really short on surveyors and they just need a monkey to hit some buttons, that they are sending back to California but this time to San Francisco!  I am looking for suggestions on things to do and places to see.   Restaurant and bars are also a nice place to spend my per-diam. 
Edit:  Yeah that's right I can't spell San what?

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I'll be joining up whenever I can spare WoW time that doesn't involve leveling up professions are running heroics to get geared up for raids.  We did just down Omnitron last night, so maybe I can afford to not grind anymore JP

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Gamertag: gustaveSJ 
p.s.  I am super awesome so I should be on the list..just saying

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So I pretty much finished Pong.  Added all the things I wanted and am now trying to think of an original title to develop.  I have some ideas and hopefully the new blog will be up in a few days.  If you have any technical questions or anything just ask and I will try to answer them or point you to the right resource.

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nuke it from's the only way to be sure

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@Gamer_152: You sir are a genius.
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