So silly

I'm writing this for an achievement, about to test my ipad game on the actual hardware right now.  


Interesting article

According to an article I recently read.  The iphone OS has garnered 20% of the mobile game market in sales.  Not in units of games but in dollars.  That's pretty crazy,  because most games are free-$5 on the iphone while games for the DS are usually around $30.  What was also interesting is how small the PSP has become.  


Just Made Some Lists!!!

I'm way into AI, so I made my list of the games with my favorite type of emergent AI.  All game's have some level of AI in, but these are the games that the AI is front and center.  It's a small list, but I feel late in this console generation interactive AI will have a huge breakthrough, and I hope this list gets bigger.  

The other list is of the games that I'm gaming.  I'll try to keep it current. 

So what's apple's next gadget?

The rumor mills are clamoring with information on apple's next gadget.  During a recent financial statement apple them selves eluded to a new product.  Most believe it to be either a mac book touch, or a larger 9 inch screened iphone like device.  As of now neither sound like products I would want.  I'm sure after the keynote in september, I might be proven wrong.  Sometimes I need Steve to tell me, what problems the device is going to solve, instead of just the hardware.  

I'm going to wait to see what this is before I get an iphone.


The Video Game Industry is Shooting me in the Chest

Bloody Mess
So I just saw Rambo (4).  It was much better than I thought it would be.  But man, the bullets in that movie didn't just cause a ton of blood, but it also knocked off like huge chunks of flesh.  All I could think of was the bloody mess perk in Fallout 3.  

So it looks like it's going to be another great year for gaming.  I just started putting together my holiday purchasing plan.  

Coming up' i'll be buying Too Human.  I liked Eternal Darkness enough to buy this blind regardless of reviews, but I'm actually kind of scared I wont like it.   I hope there's a deep story in there.  $60

Hobbes From Fable 2
Then Fable 2,  I did a lot of Artificial Intelligence programming and research in college. (Not for games more science oriented.)  But Peter Molyneux's games always had really interesting more sim oriented AI that I find compelling.  2 x $60 = $120

Fallout 3; I didn't play the earlier Fallouts.  But the premise is appealing; Oblivion with guns and a sense of humor.  You had me at hello. 3 x $60 = $180

Gears of War 2;  I feel like if you own an xbox you have to buy it.  I know all of my friends will be playing gears; it's just part of the whole live thing.  Oh and it looks effin' awesome.  4 x $60 = $240

Faith's Point of View
If Mirror's Edge gets 4 or more stars from The Giant Bomb guys, I'll buy it.  I want to play the whole thing without a gun.  That just sounds awesome.  Total $280

For my wii, I think the only Item that interests me is the Blob game.  at least it'll probably only be 50 bucks.   $340

And those are just the big ones.  I'll probably end up buying Viva Pinata 2 and the new Banjo game for another $120.  (It's weird that Rare's coming out with two games in a year.) Maybe saints row.  I hope I don't buy Rock Band 2 but I might not be able to help myself.   Oh god and Prince of Persia.  Where does it end!!!  That brings the total to $520

And then there's the download stuff.  Portal for sure, hopefully some Metal Gear content, or the Microsoft GTA stuff.  I'd also drop another $20 for a penny arcade game.  And on the PS3 flower looks awesome.  And I know some other games will show their heads on XBLA So I'm going to be at around $600 this season.  

Maybe I should get a game fly account.