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Id like this custom MK9 cabinet

For more info and a sweet video of it in action.

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Way to keep it classy activision 

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@Jack268 said:

" Was this seriously their big announcement that would make us "never forget" this day? Pffft. "

It is actually a lyric from a paul mcartney song.  It was more or less a clue.  "Tomorrow is just another day. That you'll never forget."  Is true about all tomorrows it's the beauty of the line.  
OT I will buy some, I lost my copy of the white album 4 years ago, and also wanted to always get help.  
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Guys it's totally about the launch window.  The same game will gross 3 times more if released in october, if it's released in july.   40 bugs takes about two months.  Release before the end of november if you can push it.  Other wise you'll make a ton right away than nothing.   
Bugs actually don't really effect the score too much.  It's almost like "bug fixing" is the period of time you can wait to release it.  And your dudes get knowledge from it.  

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 Your getting 40s.  I'm having a tough time getting better than a 32, (My best was a 35) I train all my dudes.  But some of them aren't learning anything.   Also how do I hire a hardware engineer?
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@Three0neFive said:
" >mac user >complaining about casuals  loooooooooooooooooooool "
-I think it's all good movements in the right direction.  
-I think launchpad seems pretty sweet.    
  -Imagine just open apps in the dock, and a swipe of the track pad and a window of aps open.  Click your ap it opens and is in the dock.  I Have a ton of aps in my dock.  (Adobe Suite, Office, iwork aps, ilife aps, and Final Cut Studio in addition to mail, safari, quicktime...)  But when I'm working on a film maybe I just need itunes, final cut, After Effects and Photoshop open. 
-Ap store looks cool, I hope they open it up to plug ins.  
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He realized that he couldn't "have" Jade raymond so he quit

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I think ping is new, and others will join pretty quickly

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@02sfraser said:
" iTunes 10 is brilliant and Ping is just another social networking option that I'm sure will kick of soon enough. Thing that excites me for Ping is small bands might get more coverage with people liking albums and spreading the word easily.  New iPod Touch range is a awesome piece of technology and I think the new Nano is so bloody cool. Would love to try one since I think the screen looks awkward but people reviewing it say it's great. "
I agree with ping helping small bands
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I think the ipod nano is going to be pretty popular