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I think I'll do that.  It sounds quite superfluous though.

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I really liked abe lincoln as a vampire hunter.  there's a game in there some where.  

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I'm pretty sure sega's working on it.  JK

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This will be fun but not as cool as the original.   

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Original iphone's are 3 years old.  If you go to exchange one at the apple store to replace the battery.  They actually give you a 3G because they don't have the hardware.  It's FREE.  (shhh)   
Most people have upgraded after 2 years.  Because of contract deals are up.   
And if you watch they keynote, he said very clearly that iphone 4.0 software would only work in full on the 3GS and the newest touches. and only aspects would work on the 3G and older touches.    
How do you expect multi-tasking to work on a 245Mhz processor and 125MB of ram.  

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I think that steve's letters have always been insightful. (He made two earlier one on DRM and the music industry and another on HTML future and web standards.)  I think when it comes down to it in 3 years flash will be phased out like other technologies apple has abandoned first like floppy disc drives, serial ports, and DVD-rom drives.  However when it comes down to it apple is allowed to control their platform.  Microsoft Sony and Nintendo all control their consoles much tighter than apple.  You can't program a game in objective-C (apples language) and expect it to run on the xbox.  Peggle on the xbox is rewritten from flash to C+ to run on the xbox.   Ports suck, all gamers know that.  Apple doesn't want a program being designed on Flash and ported to the iphone.  That's Shitty software.   
Don't think of the iphone as a closed computer, think of it as a very open console.  The appeal of consoles is that everything works.  Conflicting languages make things buggy and crash prone.   
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" I'll come out and say I'm not a Steve Jobs fan, or an Apple fan and It'll be interesting to see what the fanboys will do when he's done at Apple.   
I think there are some very good people behind Steve Jobs at apple,  Both Scott Forthstal and Tim Cook.  I feel that steve jobs is the perfect combo between a product visionary and a ruthless business man.  Scott Forstall is the visionary, while Tim Cook is Ruthless way more than Jobs could ever be.   Tim Cook is the one who's driving the flash memory supply chain, and Forcing apples component pricing down.   I really believe that Steve is steering the company but it's Tim Cook who not only gets it done, but does the dirty work.   
I also believe that Apple learned some lessons in steve's absence.   You cant stop R&D, and you can only put out a few solid products.  Don't spread your self thin.  
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I'm writing this for an achievement, about to test my ipad game on the actual hardware right now.  

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I've completed every other quest in the set but I still haven't got this one. I think the first name I tried was Nolan Bushnell.

I thought Nolan Bushnell too, I still don't have it. 
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" I'd say Mirror's Edge, the gameplay itself looks simplistic but it's pretty lengthy for and iPad game and looks nice  Tested has a QL up of it "

I agree Mirror's Edge is my favorite game for the ipad, check out the wiki.  The controls work super well, and it has a great sence of speed.   It's also my favorite game to show people who want to play with my ipad.  (Or don't believe their could be good games on it.) 
I also want to say that the IMDB app is awesome.  I think it's free and a must have.