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@Tallica9000: @Tallica9000 said:
" It's just like the iPhone, except the screen is big enough to masturbate to. "
Oh, in that case let me get 4 of them.  
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I got one.  I think it's pretty awesome, and once you use it I think that many of you change your mind.  

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According to an article I recently read.  The iphone OS has garnered 20% of the mobile game market in sales.  Not in units of games but in dollars.  That's pretty crazy,  because most games are free-$5 on the iphone while games for the DS are usually around $30.  What was also interesting is how small the PSP has become.  

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I hope that steam is successful on the mac.  But I'm pretty sure we're going to see an apple run Mac Ap Store in the next OS release.  

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I really liked the Bard's Tale (remake.) I'm eager to see the game moving.  

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I developed an ipad game, and as a giantbomb community member I'd like to make a new page for it in the wiki.  I know a made new game pages before.  (Personally I made them for Zen bound, The princes bride game, and the artificial intelligence concept.)   But for some reason I don't remember how to ad it.  (Did objective C make me forum stupid?)   
how do I ad a new game to the wiki?  
[Update]  Ok Figured it out.  But
How do I ad iPad as a platform?

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I'm glad such a larger portion of people had no one die at the end.  Good for you.  I wonder if I asked this question to more recreational gamers, (Giant bomb's pretty hardcore)  what the result would be.  

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I'm a mac fan boy, so I'm totally cool with this.  

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@SonicBoyster said:
" @Alphiehyr: If you don't appreciate the community take yourself out of it.  No reason to come into a thread about the end of a game two weeks after release and bark about spoilers.  It was up to you to stay off of gaming message boards if you wanted to preserve the experience.  Hilariously, this is exactly what I did, and yet I still had the ending ruined, because I was stupid enough to try to figure out which achievements I was missing prior to beating the game.  The developers are at fault here, not gamers at large. "
I just don't really think I was in the wrong.   I feel that the developer said durring hype of the game that depending what you do your team may die.   That's why it was even written in the achievements.  And I really didn't spoil any thing,  because maybe none, or all of Alphiehyr's characters would die.  His game is still to be determined. I never told him how his game will end.