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@Alphiehyr: In almost all the pre-release hype they established that this was a suicide mission, and not all your crew will  becoming back alive.  The doctors said that durring  E3.  And even in the pre-release Bioware Mass Effect interview.  I also waited 2 weeks after release to launch this poll.  And intentionally didn't leave "Everyone died including shepard"  as an option.  I really am sorry that I ruined it for you, but maybe you shouldn't be cruising around the mass effect forums if you haven't beat the game.   
Other Forum Posted Titles. 
"How to survive the suicide mission." 
"Jack died at the end, What did i do wrong?" 
"Who Died in your suicide mission?"
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@tbone81889 said:
" WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILER!  Does that huge insect looking creature you either save or kill on the ice planet in the first one make an appearance? "
Not that exact creature, but there are others creatures of that caliber/ size.   
However I felt there where not as many "big" creatures as in the first game.  
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@Novyx: I stand corrected.
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@rjayb89: I did mean squad,  if you had "relations" with any of the crew members I think you lost Kelly and half the crew.  But if you only flirted with kelly and no one else that half of the crew gets saved.  
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" For Me just "Jack" died, because I didn't have her loyalty.     Also Please answer wether or not you blew up the reaper station/ base.   "
Me too, does anyone know how you get around that?
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For Me just "Jack" died, because I didn't have her loyalty.    
Also Please answer wether or not you blew up the reaper station/ base.  

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@CornBREDX: @CornBREDX said:

" I played a soldier, because I have been playing soldier with the first and in canon of the way I play the game soldier is the way I want to play it on this character. If i ever did play again I would probably try vanguard or something biotic.   Anyway, ya, currently I am just playing soldier because that is how I started and I see no need to change the way my shepherd fights in the middle of my story   =) "

I think Vanguards and soldiers are pretty similar.  (vanguards are like specialized short range soldiers.)   I'd recommend adept it really is a different fighting experience.      
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Charge gets more rewarding as you upgrade it.  

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If the buggyness of mass effect one was fixed, or load times quickened.    Sure