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@Seagull_Feeder said:
" My boyfriend played as a soldier, I just watched.   "
For some reason that makes sense.  I'm sorry for you.
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I think you guys don't quite understand the potential of this product.  

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Well I think I'm going to try the adept class next, it sound pretty cool.   

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@slaneesh said:
  • (Other)?
   What the? Who. "
I put that option up on the poll incase Bioware added a new class in an update or DLC.  (You know these forum topics stay up forever, and I couldn't add a class later.)   But that guy defiantly didn't play as an other?
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@orionw: Don't think of it as a computer, think of it as a book.  It's not going to leave your house much.  It's not really portable per see,  It's designed to be handled.  But instead of using you tv when you get home, you sit down on the couch and grab the ipad, like it's a book.  No key board, no mouse, direct manipulation.  Not hunched forward over a desk like I am now, but in a couch maxing and relaxing.  The news is not that you can surf the web or read books on it.  It's about how it feels to surf the web and read books on it.  
 In the most comfortable couch you have, in the most comfortable room.  Not hunched over a laptop, but laying on your back, like reading a book.  
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@BenderUnit22: 10 hours they say
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@xyzygy said:
" Infiltrator... they're awesome. Up to 2.5 seconds of slowdown with the sniper focus (depending on what evolution you choose) and the ability to cloak. Cloaking is awesome because ti recharges fast and adds a damage bonus, so good Infiltrators need to constantly cloak, then snipe, then cloak, then snip, etc. It will give maximum damage, especially with Assassination Cloak.  "
Wow infiltrators sound pretty cool.  I didn't know that they could do all that. 
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I played as a vangaurd,  I thought the running charge was cool.  What did you like about your character?  Or why did you choose that class?

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I wonder if the issues, that they update will fix, might actually add a plot.. 
JK, because my only "issue" with the game was the lack of story to draw me in deeper.