Interactive Story #3

 April 11th, 1845

Ralph sure had a huge library. Though this might be normal for a scholar, Edward reasoned. Still, seeing three walls covered in book cases like this felt odd to him. Ralph had told him to find a book that drew his interest and read it. Most likely because Ralph didn't wanna be disturbed and he had a lot of letter writing to get done in his attic.

Edward's uncle had prepared a small stack of books on the table to start him off with. He walked over to the desk in the center of the room. On it, he found the small tower of books in various shapes and sizes, with the top one being "The fundamentals of the classical sciences Part one: An introduction". He picked it up and walked over to the heavy recliner in the corner of the room. It looked specifically designed for reading, with a wall mounted lamp over it's right shoulder to shed light on the paper being read, To it's left a place to place several books in the process of being read, and on the right hand side, a table perfectly sized for a tray with tea and crumpets to be placed. It looked like this corner had seen a lot of use over the years.

Edward flopped down into the seat, and he sank down with a satisfying hiss. He perched his right ankle on his left knee and placed the book in his lap and started reading. He skipped the intro and table of contents and then he arrived at Chapter one: Newton's laws. What he read in that chapter amazed him. It brought to light the very mechanics that operated the universe! It baffled him such complex movements could be explained by such simple rules. By the end of the first chapter, he caught himself bent over forwards, carefully studying each word. And this was only the first chapter! The chapters 'basic math', 'more physics' and 'chemistry' got the same treatment, and it wasn't until halfway through 'alchemy' that Edward was disturbed.

Manfred had come into the room. "Am I interrupting, young master?" he asked. "Oh, uhm, No." Edward said, disturbed non-the-less. Manfred walked in, tray in hand "I've prepared some cucumber sandwiches". It wasn't until that moment that Edward realized just how hungry he was. "Why, thank you" he smiled at Manfred. He took a quick glace at the clock and nearly dropped a sandwich right out of his mouth! "Two PM already"" he exclaimed. "Why yes, young master. You've been quite consumed with that book all day", Manfred remarked. "If I may be so frank, I don't get it. I don't see any practical application for any of this. A fools errant, if you ask me". An awkward pause 
permeated the room while Edward finished his sandwich. "If you'll excuse me, I think I'll go see Ralph, do you know where he is?" he asked. Manfred pondered for a short while "He's probably in the attic, I'd guess."

"Hey, Uncle Ralph, are you here?" Edward called across the large but clustered attic. "Yes, over here" he could hear coming across a bend. He navigated across the junk, and in view came a desk under a bright window, with the portly man behind it, half turned around, smiling at Edward. He gestured to come over, asking "So, how are your studies going?" Edward started explaining with great excitement what he had learned today, about the various studies, and how they all related to each other, and also about alchemy. "Is there such a thing as the perfect catalyst" he inquired. "Well" Ralph began "There has never been proof for it, but I do thi-" and then he stopped mid-track. His face turned from jolly to serious and he said "Follow me".


Interactive story #2

Advice used: Include Manfred (don't worry, we'll see more of this character)
On the docket: Magic

April 9, 1845.

     “Manfred!” A bombastic voice sounded through the room, followed shortly by Manfred Blizkin rounding the corner and moving into the lounge. “Yes, sir?” the young, scruffy looking servant asked. Ralph turned to him and asked him “Could you fetch us some tea?” pausing afterwards to give him a poignant look and remarking “A butler must not only act professional, but look the part as well”. Manfred straightened up immediately, “Y-yes sir! Right away sir!” he spoke before walking off. “You have a servant?” Edward asked, figuring his uncle must be rich indeed, if he could afford service. “Oh no, no not at all. You see, the university trains butlers, some real world experience is good for them, so I offered to take them in, you see?” Edward quickly lost interest though, and instead returned his attention back onto the egg. “So, uncle-” But he was stopped, and Ralph interjected, “Please, do call me Ralph”. “Uhm, sure, Ralph” Edward hesitantly said. “...Regardless, how do you know it's a dragon?” Ralph sat back into his recliner, crossed his arms over his chest, folded one of his chubby legs over the other and said “Boy, let me tell you a story....”

March 30, 1845.

     It all started with a deafening blow, one which shook the entire house. I shot up in my bed. “By the queen's beard! What was that?!” I yelled. Rubbing my eyes, I looked around. It seemed to have come from the roof, and my suspicion was confirmed when shortly after, thuds could be heard hitting my roof. They were moving to the back of the house, until it seemed to reach the end. Then I heard something slam into the garden, though not as hard as I had expected. Of course, I quickly shot on some pants and a shirt, and then quickly made my way down the stairs. From here I could see something moving outside, something big. As I walked by the fireplace, I grabbed a fire poker before moving to the back door, where I paused for a moment. I pushed my ear to the door to see if I could hear any voices or see how many burglars I could make out, but instead I only heard a deep rumbling groaning noise. I opened the door slowly and peeked out my head. There stood over one and a half meters tall, on four legs, looking directly into my eyes, a bloody dragon!

     I reeled back, of course, but in doing so, I accidentally pushed the door out. The dragon looked away, clearly not interested in me. I tried gripping the fire iron harder, but then I noticed I had lost it by the door. I stood there for a while before I could calm myself down and gathered the courage to take a closer look. I took a few steps, but I could not push myself past the door frame, so I opted to stay there. It seemed it had been wounded and was bleeding, it also seemed to be carrying what seemed to be an egg. It was sand-coloured, as was the egg, with stripes of red streaking down it's left flank. Then, it moved. It set the egg in front of it, stepped back, and then it spat fire over the it! Needless to say, I was quite startled by this turn of events. Suddenly my lawn went from not-on-fire to emitting crackling sounds and a yellow glow! It didn't seem to spread though, so I left it for what it was, choosing to observe for the time being.

     It continued scorching my lawn for a while, and I dared not move beyond the doorpost, nor did I want to walk away, so instead, I stood there for what felt like half an hour until the dragon perked up, as if it noticed something. Then I heard it too, rowdy voices in the night, visually distressing the dragon. Suddenly, it wasn't hard figuring where the wound had come from. It looked at it's egg, then it looked at me, and... I swear, I heard it speak. It's not any language any human could mouth, but there was intent to the sounds it made, it tried to tell me something. Then... it took off, leaving me with the egg. 

Your question for the next installment is... Manfred, is he good or evil? Was he planted there, or are his actions of his own? What kind of role will he play?
    Until next time~

Interactive story #1

You may remember I was trying to improve my writing, and I wrote 3 small stories to that end. Now I've returned, and I'm seeking to do things a little differently. This story will be written by me, but directed by you, the reader. After every chapter I will take suggestions on how to continue. I haven't yet figured out how to best do that, and so for this chapter I will take EVERY suggestion posted below (provided it's not completely bonkers). For now though, enjoy~ 

April 4th, 1845.
        Meet Edward Von Rad, Sixteen years of age, and extremely sharp. That is to say, he could've used his features to cut trees. Rather then being a lumberjack though, he worked on his father's farm. He had built up his strength on the farm, though you couldn't tell it from looking at his lean body. And though he was clever, he was mostly untaught, even in this modern age. One day, his father received a letter. The letter asked for one of his sons to work under his brother. Edward's father thought of it as a great place for his son to study under a scholar, and Edward figured it as a great adventure, a few weeks away from this dusty old farm. Oh, how right he was.  

April 9th, 1845. 
      He found his way to his uncle's house without much trouble, despite his father's excellent map-drawing skills. Turning into the street, he spotted one house clearly standing out from the rest. An unkempt lawn and odd contraptions littered the front of the house contrasted starkly with the neatness of the house itself. It featured yellow and orange tones, further differentiating it from the other, more timidly colored houses. Edward ascended the short staircase and reached for the knocker, but before he could reach it, the door had already swung open!
        On the doorstep stood a stout man who seemed to have his hair on upside-down. He used to joke that every time he scratched his head, he pushed his hair down, and every time he twirled his beard in thought, he pulled it out a bit further. This resulted in quite the impressive beard. His face seemed to shine with excitement once he saw who was on his doorstep, and he hollered at the boy “Welcome, welcome!”. He stepped aside and beckoned the boy to come in. “Hello Edward!”. His uncle extended his hand to shake Edward's. “I'm Ralph, you must remember me, right?”. Edward took his hand, ”Uhm, yes, of course... I think.” he mumbled.
        “Ah, good, good.”, Ralph said. “Is that everything you brought?”. Edward looked down at his bag. “My father told me everything would be ready here.”. Ralph nodded, “Right you are.”. He took a step closer. “Now, if you're going to help me, you need to keep a secret.” Ralph looked Edward in the eyes. “Can you do that?”. Edward shot Ralph a curious look, “What kind of secret?”, he asked. “Oh, but, my boy! This discovery will change the field of science in unimaginable ways! In fact, it could change the entire world as we know it! But you MUST not tell anyone before I am ready, do you understand?”. Edward nodded, not really understanding. Whatever this was, it must be big, he figured. He would very much like to find out for himself. “Alright.” Ralph said. “Follow me.”. Ralph led Edward to the back of the house, where, in the library, a small door was located, Ralph unlocked it and almost immediately hot air blasted into Edward's face, making him tear up. “What is down there?” Edward asked. Ralph simply smiled and stepped aside.
       Edward stepped inside, ducking to avoid hitting his head, and across the room, he saw the heat source, a fireplace with a rock in it, heating up. In the middle of the room stood a table, and on it a pile of notebooks, most of them still pristine, some of them heavily used, bended, scribbled on. On the west wall were various tools and a jar of water in the corner. Some cloths and rags were folded on the other corner and some wood was piled up next to the fireplace, but besides that, the room was mostly bare, mirroring the outside of the house.
       Edward turned to face his uncle, “I don't get it....”. Ralph's face beamed excitement, “The fire! It's in the fire” he squeaked. “What?” Edward asked. “Well, the egg of course!” he said while moving around the table and squatting down in front of the fire. “It's a dragon!”. Edward gave his uncle an incredulous look. “I understand, you don't believe me. Well, you'll see soon enough....”


My Mischellaneous Musings #2 (08-02-2011): Dragon Armor

I know I posted this a bit... late. Better late then never is what they say, right? Anyway, this is dedicated to Kelna, whom I've met online not to long ago. She's the artist on this piece, and the text is about it. Enjoy!

 A work by Kelna

Instructions for Lee's Dragon armour:

Ye need to secure thine dragon's armour well, lest ye dragon be slain. Thy safety and thine dragon's safety depend on thine abillity to properly attach `Lee's Dragon armour`. These instructions will maketh sure thy will do it proper.

The first step be-ith the chainmail underlayer. Thy art required only to simply drape the cloth over thine dragon's back, however thy must  be most assured the correct way is up. The smooth side without the buckles is the underside. Then thy must (with most care) connect the leather straps on the underside of thine dragon. Must luck with this hast been found during the feeding of the dragon. However, dispite this, it would still be recommended to send-eth a quire or peasant, rather then attempt this yourself. Many-a-men has been found to be unable to complete this task, and it would be a great shame were this to happen to yourself.

After thy have secured the mail, thy will find many places where plates could be attached. Each plate is graced with a number, thy must start at the tip of the tail and wor thine way upwards. During this time, thy dragon may sweep it tail with mortal consiquences. Thy must also excert most caution when plating the legs, for one may stomp you. Once you reach the forward shoulders, thy dragon's mouth may reach, so make sure it's head is firmly secured before attempting this. Finally, the main plate is secured extra well, with additonal straps needed.

Once thine dragon is properly amroured, thy might think of testing the newly aquired armour. I must strongly DIS-ADVICE this practise. I assure you that it is perfectly fine, and each set has been thoroughly tested and found flawless. Thy must also not try to ride thine dragon without the proper neck protection, the dragon has been known to snap it's head backwards and devour it's rider.

If thy follow these instructions, thy will have longlasting pleasure of thy dragon.

My Mischellaneous Musings #3 (10-02-2011): Concerning Bonbolapti

 And now a short story about the one and only Bonbolapti 

 A strapping young lad  was walking home, his handsome face showing thunder. Today was not a good day for him, he messed up an audition, rain and icy wind stung his face, and his girlfriend had told him she wanted a break. "I need to get out of this rain" he told himself. He looked around and saw a thrift shop where he knew the owner. "Perfect", he said to himself. Deciding he wanted to go there and pick up something more protective then just the leather jacket and jeans, he changed direction.

Suddenly, the sound of a [BELL] filled the small room. "Hello!" chirped the old Asian lady cheerfully. "Oh, it's you!" she said excitedly. "Have you come to hear more stories?" she asked, her face eager. Bon shook his head. He let his gaze travel the room until something bright red caught his attention. He lazily walked over, and took a closer look at the scarf. It scream at him, 'pick me, pick me!'. Bon looked the woman in the eyes and held the scarf in his hand, somehow not wanting to let go. "How much?" he asked her. "Oh" she said "You can have it for free", her face seeming a lot darker. "Are you sure? Why?" asked Bon. "Well... A man suffocated himself with it... I don't think I can ask money for it.". Bon couldn't decide whether or not he should be shocked by this. "Uhm, alright, thanks." he said, as he turned around and left.

Almost immediately, it seemed to burn softly as he put it on, and his demeanor lighted up very quickly. It made the walk home much more bearable, enjoyable, even. Every step seemed to have an extra bounce in it. He was surprised when he came home, not expecting it to be so near. And yet, he felt really accomplished with the distance he had just walked. Once inside he stripped of his boots, his leather coat and pants to get dry ones, but surprisingly, the scarf was still dry, so he decided to keep it on. Something inside of him told him it was the right thing to do

The scarf was warm enough, so he decided to stay in his boxers. Then he sat down in front of the TV, putting something on, though he couldn't for the life of him remember what it was. It didn't matter, because within minutes he was fast asleep.

After what felt like an eternity, light touched Bon's face, waking him up gently. Now, though, he was feeling extremely groggy and hungover. "uuuuuugh, I must be getting sick" he said. He felt sweaty, and his scarf seems to have gotten tighter. He tried to take it off but  it was stuck! Bon panicked, tugging at it, but it wouldn't budge, each tug only making it tighter! "Okay, calm down, don't worry" he said to himself. He walked into a kitchen and grabbed a pair of scissors but before he could clip into it, the phone rang.

"Yes, what." Bon snarled into the phone. "It's your mother." said the woman on the other side. Bon sighed, "Mom... I don't really have time right now". "Look" she said "I'm worried. You've been acting distant, withdrawn. I'm afraid you're going to do something rash". Bon was sweating up a storm now, and he wanted to end the phone call as soon as possible "No- look mom, things haven't gone exactly fine for me, but I'm fine." he said. "Yes bu-" She tried to say, but was interrupted by her son, "Yes but NOTHING, mom. I'm fine, but I really gotta go. I will talk to you later". Then she slammed down the phone.

Bon produced a deep sigh, or at least, he tried to. This damn scarf. He took the scissors with him and sat back down on the couch. He got ready to cut the fabric when he suddenly felt an urge not to do it, something compelled him to stop, almost as if warning him. He held his breath and squeezed hard, but instead of the scarf giving way, he felt his throat suddenly clamping shut. Bon fell forward, hitting the coffee table hard, he clutched the air, but it was no use Panicking, he tried to crawl to the phone, but every inch felt like a mile. mere second after that, his arms gave way. He now lay on the ground, dead.

Three weeks later, a young man walked into a thrift-shop, "Hey, that's a cool scarf you got there!".

-The end

My Miscellaneous Musings #1 (07-02-2011): The dream I had

 Welcome! This will be the first in (hopefully) a long and proud line of blog posts, each containing a small and unique writing specimen. The purpose of this is to practice my writing; I'll be doing this by writing variously different pieces.

My first work will be about the dream I had last night but you'll be able to expect a myriad of other things, including anecdotes, short stories, poems, opinion pieces, explanation of intricate concepts and whatever else I feel like writing at the moment. I'll try to do as many different things as I can. Of course, since this is a learning experience, comments and feedback are much appreciated. But first:

I've been playing a lot of Alan Wake lately and my dream took place in that world. I didn't have a gun, my only weapon was the flashlight I was carrying. I had to move from area to area. Then my alarm clock went off. I was awake enough to hit snooze, but sleep-driven enough to keep dreaming. In my dream the taken were bathed by light with this event, and were vanquished. I repeated this process for at least 4 or 5 more times until my mother came into my room and woke me up properly.

I knew that this was the prefect way to start my blog; an embarrassing story about yours truly! Thanks for reading, and I'll see you soon!