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ALERT! Spoiler Level: Wait...didn't all of you play through it already? :P 
Where the hell is "The Family"?! I've searched the spots northeast of Arefu at night; the Hideaway, the outdoor cinema, and Seneca Station. No sign of them, just random raiders and Rad Scorpions (which might I add take a while to kill). This is the sidequest where you deliver a message to the West family. But I have to find The Family first. Anyone remembers where they are?

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I'm overdue for purchasing/playing Mass Effect... :|

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Dude I had no idea they were dropping a new album. Thanks for noting that, I'll be certain to check it out. Hopefully they have songs on there that are as addictive as Lazy Eye.

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs!
My goodness, their new material is wonderful. Friggin' wonderful!

I would give some Lost & Damned impressions but I'm winding down with some FFIV for the DS. Gamefly sent it to me when I didn't want them to necessarily, so I just bought it. Another RPG I won't finish till...whenever I finish it.

Just checking in, see ya later.

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I watched this skit like five times the other day. Friggin' funny!

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During this mid winter break I've been having some healthy time to indulge into some gaming, and it's been helping me ease off a few other timely issues in my life. Nevertheless, in an effort to get back into the activities of blogging and daily writing, I figured I'd run a series of impressions posts of three new titles I've begun playing: Prince of Persia, Fallout 3, and GTAIV: The Lost & Damned.

I am a big fan of the Prince of Persia franchise. His three part story of the last console generation garnered some of my favorite gaming experiences. When the current console generation began almost three years ago, there was skepticism of whether the agile and arrogant Prince was returning for another adventure. When Ubi Soft announced Assassin's Creed, I assumed that franchise would be this generation's PoP. However, no possibility should ever be counted out.

New world in darkness

Playing good session of the Prince's new adventure last night left me pleased and frustrated. The visuals in the game are very vibrant, and everything pops out well from the landscapes in the background to the textures on the Prince's scarf and clothing. The game just looks gorgeous, and I am sure the environments become more varied in color and geometry in later levels, especially after their fertile lands are revived. It truly delivers the fantasy-like theme that the series is initially known for in a more stylish way.

Aside from the great visuals, the other aspects of the game I've experienced thus far are split with likes and dislikes for each. I think the developers were in a nostalgic mindset when working on the design. The very first PoP was a pure platformer, and nearly twenty years later, it may serve as a refreshing reuse in this shooter, small jumps or no jump button, and strategy filled world of video games. The platforming is plentiful, and honestly I like the two levels I played through so far. At the same time, I feel the platforming element overrides the combat element. That is more faulty to the structure of the game's combat it seems. One on one fights every so often may become annoying to me after a while, especially if I play for a lengthy period of time to get to those sections and they may not be consistently captivating or memorable. Once I get to fighting segments later in the game, I hope I'm not doing the same string of attacks since the beginning levels. I felt the combat in 2003's The Sands of Time was very well done, even though it lacked the "free-form" styles and combo mechanics of Warrior Within and The Two Thrones. The new PoP seems to take both sides into consideration, allowing for different combo attacks while keeping things simplified. Making every fight seem like a boss fight is a neat idea; I think Shadow of the Colossus honed such gameplay style (still need to play that game). However, some enemies in this game seem like wastes of time to have a health bar stretching across the screen, regardless if they easily deplete quickly. I really enjoy multiple enemy fights like in TSoT.  From jump-street, I see what the official reviewers meant when stating this entry in the franchise was made with the "casual player" in mind. I don't really have an issue with the ease of accessibility though.

Moral of the story: We all need energy, so eat your Wheaties!

The story is very straightforward and it looks like it fits a fairy-tale format. Of course, I'm still at the game's beginning, but I've found out a lot about the game's world, history and its primary antagonist by constantly talking to Elika (those achievements for just talking to her are cool :P). There is a very modern touch to the story and atmosphere found in the actual dialogue, especially with the Prince's speech. For example, there was one line about ex-girlfriends, which I don't think was an actual term used in whatever century this story takes place. His arrogant and quirky characteristics are easily recognized and his personality here is similar to the one in The Sands of Time. Elika is poised, yet curious while at the same time skeptical due to being sheltered as a princess for so long. Traditional story elements, and it seems polished enough for me to care enough for the story.

I am "digging" this Prince of Persia. Initially, I was hoping to fall in love with it instantly like I did with the previous three; more so The Sands of Time. However, I still have a lot more to play of it. My impressions in a nutshell: great visuals, really good platforming thus far, I'd like to fight some more though.

Thanks for reading, I aim to be around tomorrow with impressions of The Lost & Damned. See you soon...brothers (had to throw it in there :P).

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What's up folks!

Happy Valentine's Day to those who actually "celebrate" it with good reason. This is the first Valentine's Day I actually participated in fully. Man, I gotta say, having a girlfriend is awesome, especially when she's an awesome and wonderful person. Spending the day with her was great. We went to see Coraline, which is a good flick. And I'm telling you now, the only sensible way to see it is in 3D, otherwise you will not enjoy the movie fully. I then spent the evening at her house for the first time, which was great in itself. I truly feel like a boyfriend now...

But enough about my "love life," just wanted to say it is going very well. Now when it comes to games, I'm actually getting more time to play than I have been able to in a loooong time. As a Valentine's Day gift, my parents got me Fallout 3. Yeah, you know, the one true game I was advocating to the fullest all of last year. The very same game that many of you have played, beaten, acclaimed, played and beaten again as well as the DLC. Yeah, I'm about a few months late but still, I'm gonna go all out with this game--hopefully. I plan on starting it right after this NBA All Star Slam Dunk Contest finishes.

In addition to that, I got back into Team Fortress 2. I'm always up for a match or two, so if you see me on Steam or Xfire, hit me up. And whenever there's free time, I've been playing Rock Band 2 with my sister. I need to dig into unlocking more songs in that game.

Also, I'm renting Prince of Persia from Gamefly, should be coming around Tuesday. Oh, and Gears of War 2 calls my name constantly from its crevice on the shelf. I really need to play through the campaign. Anyone wants to be my co-op buddy?

I'm heading out to the mall tomorrow to spend some birthday money and the remainder of this Target gift card. I am certainly getting a 1600 point marketplace card since GTA The Lost & the Damned comes out Tuesday, and probably a new rechargeable battery for my controller; the one I currently have dies so quickly. And I absolutely loved Burnout Paradise when I rented it so I'll probably purchase that tomorrow since it's about $20 now. Man, it feels good to talk about games...and actually play them.

Talk to you guys soon.

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I wanna play...

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No, I have yet to see this amazing piece of work that is "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," but If Slumdog Millionaire does not get best picture I will be upset. Brad Pitt can have best actor I don't care, but this movie needs best picture seriously.


Much of the cinematography is great, and it definitely deserves that corresponding award too. A lot of it reminded me of City of God actually.
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Still breathing--still living

Hi everyone, it's been a while, a long while, nearly too long for my liking. Hope you all been doing well. Me? Well, I've been busy (that's understated), but now I am entering a period of "ease" and seemingly more free time. With that, I hope to be around blogging more. But here's an update of what's been happening to me bullet form *pew pew*

  • Got accepted to a college: The Savannah College of Art and Design. They gave me a scholarship too, $5000. This school is in my top three, and everyone's been telling me how good of a college it is. I'm waiting for other acceptance letters, but this is a very likely choice.
  • Relationships take work, but it's been worth it though. My girlfriend bought me the Watchmen novel today as a birthday gift and I'm getting it on Wednesday. She's even more awesome for that.
  • Oh yeah, my birthday was Friday. 17, I don't feel 17 yet--whatever that is supposed to feel like. However, I look forward to buying M-Rated games, the first one: Fallout 3 (yes, I still did not purchase it)
  • And yeah, haven't been playing many games either. I plan to get some good sessions in very soon. The most I've been playing is Rock Band 2, which I absolutely love! I NEED to play Gears 2 single player and multiplayer. Also, I have Castle Crashers so if anyone wants to go for a whirl with me in that hit me up sometime.
  • Other than that, I've really been focusing on my artistic talents. I don't mean to sound pretentious in any way, besides you guys know I'm humble. But more and more people are recognizing my talents, it's  a wonderful feeling. I guess it's also because of all the inspiration I've been taking in lately.
  • Inspiration like our President-elect of course. By the way, I'm leaving for DC in a couple of hours for the inauguration! I'm friggin' ecstatic about it!

There's a lot else I need to list here, but I'll save it for later entries. Keep it cool folks, see ya later.