Mental Health and Societal Stupidity

I have been following the recent thread about social anxiety and it worries me about society. It's only recently that we have seen movements geared towards actually helping individuals struggling with mental issues and trying to better understand them. People are still not getting the help they need and are basically left to their own devices it's incredibly scary. It's even scarier when you think about people who seek help out of their own free will and are mistreated.

What I mean is that I've gone through a great deal of crap that is pushing me towards the edge. In the past, I wanted to hurt myself and hurt others, but never actually did anything. These are thoughts that I have that at times don't feel like thoughts of my own. I know I need help, and I even told my girlfriend last week that I would see professionals and tell them the truth. She is in the medical field and told me not to say anything about me having thoughts of harming myself or people who have wronged me because they'll simply lock me up in a place far worse than prison. Why would anyone want to seek help out of their own free will if they're going to be treated like a criminal? So now I have to walk on egg shells when I speak to a professional, or I'll be locked in a padded room. WTF? It seems like a big fat lose/lose situation.

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People tell the truth as fully as they can in order to be treated and get better as completely as they can. And if you are having those feelings...isn't it in the best interest of you, the ones you love, and strangers if you're completely examined? What if something were to happen? Strong thoughts can become action in the right scenario. I'd think on it about being entirely honest.

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@broomhitches: Unless you really seem like your gonna leave the office and shoot someone right now (or live in a very different country from me) than thats nonsense, no ones gonna lock you up. And If you do really seem like your gonna hurt someone immediately, like screaming scary threats all over ect.ect., temporary measures to ensure you don't seem perfectly reasonable.

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I think the first problem is definitely trust. Once you can no longer rely on others to shift some of your stress off, you become isolated and everything builds up in a pressure pot. This leads to either outburst or further reclusion from the issue and/or others entirely, which obviously just makes everything worse. This sucks even further if you don't even have family capable of understanding or even caring about your problems. For people suffering from these issue, I know it's hard and you don't want to hear it, but I can't stress these several points more than this:

1. Accept the fact the you are going through hard times. Keep a journal and write about your thoughts and other things you wouldn't want the public or even close relatives to know.

2. Excercise. The worse thing you can do is lose your health over this. Don't starve, start eating healthy, and go for walks/runs and start meditating privately. I realize many will just resign themselves with the thought process of YOLO or I could care less about me anymore (me too at one point!) but this isn't the real you, this is just messed up you not thinking clearly any more. As pointless as it sounds, to get back real you, you have to do stuff you don't want to.

3. Accept the fact that a lot of people suck. Think of world leaders as an example, they have many people who dislike them as much as others like them! If you realize that other people don't matter more than yourself then you start to not give a flying hoot what others think about you. This should help with the trust a little bit and you can take risks trying to talk to someone who seems nice and they might understand. If not, who needs them anyway, amirite?

Seriously though, the journal thing helped me personally a lot and I am just starting a routine to excercise and excercising a little more restraint when it comes to eating. I hope this advice helps someone. Last piece of advice, if you are religious this should help a lot. If not, start reading books regularly. This is a little better entertainment than watching tv/movies/internet and playing games since it can develop your thought process a little more and build patience, which is a very big key in anxiety issues and depression. I think it is interesting too that many writers suffered from similar issues and it reflects in their writing! So you will at least find something in common!

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You have to find a mental health professional you can trust, and then be honest with them. Seeking out help is the right thing to do, and there are many good, professional individuals who can provide you help. I'd probably ask @jasonr86 a bit about this if you need help finding someone who you can talk to.

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@truthtellah: Thanks. I'll be using my girlfriend's psychiatrist.


Working out has helped, but I've been going through this for so long that it doesn't work as good as it used to. I actually read a lot. I am super paranoid about keeping a journal because I don't want someone to read it.

@thehumandove: I have thought about being honest, but my girlfriend is saying otherwise. She's more concerned that I would never see her again because she has a son and she thinks the court would order her to stay away from me for his protection. I would definitely never hurt him, but I think in the long run it would be better for me to be honest.

@broomhitches: Unless you really seem like your gonna leave the office and shoot someone right now (or live in a very different country from me) than thats nonsense, no ones gonna lock you up. And If you do really seem like your gonna hurt someone immediately, like screaming scary threats all over ect.ect., temporary measures to ensure you don't seem perfectly reasonable.

I doubt that I will actually follow through with anything like that. I keep to myself and try to go unnoticed, but I'm just tired of dealing with people altogether. I'm at the point where I've pretty much shutdown, and I'm not sure what to do. I've been thinking about leaving my girlfriend because I can tell my issues are emotionally taxing on her and she has finals and stuff to deal with. I don't want to be someone's burden. I don't know where to go and I don't even think I will ever recover.

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@truthtellah: Hey! I'm here, I'm here.

@broomhitches Well, there's a few things to keep in mind based off of what you've said. Professionals in all health fields have a duty to warn if they believe there is a serious threat to self or others. So if you spoke to a therapist and they believed you seriously intended to kill yourself or someone else they are required, by law, to initiate a process that could lead you to be hospitalized. Saying that a hospitalization is worse than prison is a bit drastic honestly but it isn't a lot of fun either. Their job there is to keep you safe and they have to be sure that you are before you leave. If they don't, like with the therapist who doesn't initiate that whole process, they could get in a lot of trouble as well. They are working from the standpoint that this is a life or death situation. So they take it very seriously as they should.

BUT, it takes an awful lot for someone to be hospitalized. A specific person, called a Designated Mental Health Professional, has to come out and assess clients who are being considered for hospitalization. A normal, non-designated professional can't hospitalize someone. They don't have that authority.

Also, most health care professionals are used to dealing with people who are suicidal and homicidal. Especially mental health professionals. So we won't suddenly jump to hospitalization as soon as a client states some self or other harm thoughts, tendencies, etc. The threat needs to be imminent.

As truthtellah stated, you need to find a professional you trust and can work with. Every professional is different. Some clients work great with me. Others can't stand me. It all depends on the therapist and the client and how they relate to one another. But you won't get anywhere if you don't a) want the help b) want to change and c) are able to be as open as possible.

Hope that helps dude. Please don't shy away from help because of what might happen or might not happen. I can't think of many people who regretted taking a chance even if it doesn't work out.

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@jasonr86: Thanks for clearing that up. I thought my girlfriend was over-exaggerating when she talked about the conditions of mental healthcare facilities, but she did get me a little nervous. I don't want to be locked up in a room with nothing but a hospital gown on, like she states, but I feel the urge to be completely honest with he psychiatrist. I doubt I will get all the help I need if I withhold information.

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You really do. And, really, you wouldn't be hospitalized because we all just want to be assholes. It's done to keep people alive and safe. So it really needs to be a severe situation. Most clients aren't hospitalized.

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There are different forms of social anxiety, so I would guess most of these people on here really don't have a personality disorder nor really have huge social anxiety other then withe the other sex.
So if you have to drink to be able to interact with people then you need to see a psychiatrist, if you just have problems with interacting with females, you need to see a psychiatrist. you probably don't need SNRIs or SSRIs but they could help. but say no to benzodiazepines, for the reason you will get addicted to them. and when you stop you will have something that looks like Alcohol abstinent symptoms with hallucinations, paranoia and epileptic seizures which will scare you the first times and then you kinda get used to them, but if you have not been suicidal you will become suicidal because the withdrawal last 3 months on the stronger version with long half life.

Or they could last 3weeks but it will be intense and quite sneaky, in many ways it can be worse then opiates.

So if you get a Benzodiazepine then stay on them, don't stop with them. I will say have been addicted to both opiates and benzodiazepine and the last one has been the worse, because I have gotten several seizures plus I have gotten general Amnesia, plus psychosis several times plus if you have had really hardcore muscle pain you will get that also.
So, yeah. Say no to these ones.
Also I will add that I have been addicted to Opiates and strong Benzo. I personally think you are getting more trouble then what its worth.

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@biospank: My anxiety isn't exclusive to interacting with the opposite sex, I'm afraid of socializing with anyone. I rarely ever drink because alcohol doesn't taste good and I don't like being drunk. One thing I am nervous about is being put on medication because I know how easy it is to abuse it. I know a few people who pop their pills like crazy and I don't want to end up like them.