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I am switching back to PC gaming so I doubt I will buy a new console. Plus honestly cant stand where games a going today, rinse and repeat FPS are not my style anymore. I am addicted to Civ 5 and also I am going to get The Old Republic when it comes out. I dont think anybody will care about a new console. Not just from Nintendogs but also from Micro$oft or Shony.

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I got through this past decade of gaming without touching a plastic instrument. I feel i deserve a badge. Guitar hero was bad from day one, just watching people play it was mind numbing. I bet dimes to dollars that Rock Band 3 is the last rockband game. 

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Delete C:/Windows/System32 ..... works every time. 

With Windows there is only one solution. Format and Reinstall. Don't bother troubleshooting, there are very few ways to fix a fucked windows install.

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Hey guys just want to drop some knowledge from an Arab.  
Prior to 1948 where the state of Israel was created by a decree of the UN. Jews and Muslims lived in general harmony, I am not say best of friends; but neighborly friendships existed. Also most of the Arabian peninsula was a colony of either the French or British. After the second world war most of Arabia got their independence, not so with Palestine, Palestine was handed to the UN and never freed. The problem is not religious, it is Geo-political. Not Jews Vs Muslims. but Israelis Vs Arabs. There are Christian Palestinians who were kicked out of Palestine too. You can test this out, ask any Christian Arab about Israel and they would mirror what most Muslim Arabs will say.  
Personally I just want peace. I think it is far overdue.

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Muramasa: The Demon Blade (Wii)... fun game for $5 from a friend

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Yesterday was the first time i saw a PSPGo .... the dude was using it to watch anime

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They now only make MMO's to pull cash from us regularly. It will suck and it will shut down or go to free-to-play. This is based on Champions Online which is OK at best and Star Trek Online which is half ok and Half Boring as watching paint dry.

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Want another Magic Carpet :)

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I will buy it at $99.99 which some sites say will be sooner than later. Some even say it might be as soon as xmas.

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I have been signed up for a while. Hopefully i get in .... please. This is the only MMO i am interested in