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Green or Black Tea. Keeps me sharp and alert.

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SG-1 was so-so honestly. i watched episodes here and there, after mr. macgyver left, it was lame. I actually really like Atlantis though. Was fun while it lasted.

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I never buy games out of the gate, the exception Bad Company 2. The latest game i bought was Tales of Vesperia from a friend for $5. That is a great game with tons of replay value. Don't buy games becuase they are the news now, wait till they release a gold edition or GOTY edition. Saves money. Also enjoy the games you have, chances are you missed things in games you already played. Try a second or  third playthrough.

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In middle east (where I am from) we eat watermellon with cheese. Halloom cheese(salty string cheese) or chedder. The combo tastes great.

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I'm in for the Republic. I want to play as a smuggler. (k)Han.....(k)Han...

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Hell if there is a lifetime I WILL buy it. This is the only MMO that is remotely appealing.

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Activision owns Origin systems.
Where is my new Wing Commander ???
Or Syndicate

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I believe the main reason for piracy is the cost being so high. In Canada gomes come out for 69.99 which is extremely high, considering that it costs more than a person can make at minimum wage in one work day. So piracy is very tempting for them, if you make good money then $70 is not much and buying the game is so much more desirable. Personally being a super budget student, i only buy games that are either 39.99 or cheaper. MY most expensive purchase was Modern Warfare 2 for $50 from someone on craigslist. 
SO patient and wait for the game to be cheaper, the game wont disappear over night.♠

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On this day in 2009 we saw the start of the revolutionary Endurance Run. The first Episode was uploaded to The website and Enjoyed by many. Lets mark this day on our calenders next year as well.

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Nay, Cap. I will wait for the private servers. Which are FREE !!!!!!!!!!!