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<p>I am the ultimate geek, I'm not one for saying how awesome I am at things but being a geek? I have that covered. I may not know as much about star trek as a Trekkie, as much about Batman as a comic book guy, or as much about Link as a gamer, but if you need with general knowledge of all areas of the geek multi-verse than you've come to the right place.</p><p>I may be a geek, or a Nerd but that's really a word only other Nerds can use, but my other obsession is the written word. I'm probably crap at writing, for "probably read "definitely" and for crap read "so bad it made me bang my head against the wall until it created a large pool of liquid inside my brain that put enough pressure on my hippocampus to make me forget that I ever read such drivel that actually voids the bowels of all those that read it."</p>