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@ThePhantomnaut: Yes I do.

@Quipido: Yeah, that's currently what I use when I have to go to the site. Those speeds suck.

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Does anyone know anyway trick or solution to speeding up the download rate of the Justin TV stream? I have decent internet and I can download steam games, x-box games, and stream videos on giant bomb at decent speeds but Justin TV isn't watchable. I'm a little bit bummed out by this because there's a live show happening right now that they;re saying might not be archived so I'll probably miss it all together. Living with watch stuff after broadcast was fine but now it's a little annoying. I have no idea why Justin TV is so slow, it can't go five seconds without stuttering and downloading one of their archives reaches it's peak at 70kb, but there has to be a reason.

Any help would be really appreciated.

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@Tim_the_Corsair: So I take it you'll be creating a Troll character in Skyrim?

@august: @yoshimitz707: I saw that Dunmer screenshot, they look pretty cool, but then again compared to Oblivion even the Humans look better.

Also I get the whole trickle of information for press thing, it's just that it only matters to a handful of fans with the majority of people, myself included to a degree, not really caring that much; something to which the facebook poll can attest.

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I’ll admit that seeing all this footage of Skyrim has me excited, indecently excited, and yet despite its vast scope, and grand level of player autonomy, the feelings I have are insignificant next to how I feel about Mass Effect 3. Why? If you note down all the features from each Skyrim would clearly outmatch any BioWare game but for me, personally, BioWare games have a single strength that Skyrim lacks. Your character talks.

Now of course I understand that the multiple number of player species, dialogue options, and the dizzying number of quests would multiply to make the amount of voice work prohibitively expensive but as the player I don’t care. I understand that your character having a voice makes it a more focused game without quite as much to do but I honestly don’t mind. I love dialogue, I feed on it like some kind of word succubus, it’s why I’m a fan of Kevin Smith, but text comes alive when its read by trained actors. Look at Shakespeare; anyone who dislikes Hamlet has spent too much time reading it in arid classrooms and not enough time seeing it. Personally I’d suggest the BBC production by the RSC staring David Tenant and Patrick Stewart.

Skyrim isn’t the only perpetrator of this crime; many great games are dragged down by a frankly archaic view that a little bit of scrolling text is fine. If anything the most heinous perpetrator of this crime is Nintendo. Why they’ve yet to give Link a voice is beyond me. Granted sometimes you have a silent protagonist and that’s fine, there’s a point to that, but refusing to give a voice to a character that speaks with text, especially if there’s no character creation involved, is really disappointing.

Many will try to point out that they don’t give the character a voice so you can give them whatever voice you want. Cool; why don’t they just not give them a face or body either so I can imagine that? Why not remove the enemies while you’re at it so I can fill those in as well? Am I supposed to pretend that maybe I’m the protagonist? Is that it? If that’s the case than anyone who plays Zelda is a short, white and male.

Perhaps this harsh judgement is unfair but I just can’t change how I feel. To me dialogue is important and when I don’t hear it that annoys me. Many people hated Dragon Age 2, or at the very least preferred its predecessor, but I loved it as I got to actually hear my Lady Hawk spout those pretty funny lines of dialogue that I chose; it makes it much more cinematic. I don’t think I’m alone in this view but I am an anomaly, I get that, I just think that more character voice in games will enhance the experience for everyone involved; not just dialogue crazies like me who put Poker Night at the Inventory in their top ten list for last year.

...also yes, I am super proud of that title.

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@McGhee_the_Insomniac: I know they're in it, besides I'm not sure what the actual biology of the Argonians is but there are certain species of turtle that can provide internal heat to their bodies while in ice cold water. Strictly speaking these turtles aren't warm blooded but their bodies are heated.

@Hobbies: At this point if they are holding it back I think it is definitely to get people talking about it.

@sreya92: I get that but it's just one race, you know? There's so much in that game that I don't see a race, which you'll spot when you load up the character creation screen, being that big of a secret.

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@Tim_the_Corsair: Okay...

@Sir_Ragnarok: Yeah, that's the piece of concept art I mentioned, it's the only material regarding the Argonians I've found. I may have slighty exaggerated how lacking in detail it was but it's still not really much. A friend told me that there were no Argonian pictures out there and I thought the same as you, there had to be something, but no. I found it pretty surprising.

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I’ll start off by saying that this is probably a coincidence, a random of mixture of circumstances with no conscious thought behind it, but it seems that the Argonians have yet to appear in any game footage for the forthcoming Skyrim. Bethesda released a video detailing two of the three non-human looking races, the Kahjiit and the Orcs, and yet the Argonians remained a mystery. I have no particular love for the Argonians but those fans that do are rabid and desperate to see what they look like in the new engine.

I would chock this up to just a lack of forethought and yet the sheer dearth of material had me wondering; do Bethesda know there’s a whole league of Argonian fans out there who buy these games for that reason? Is there something bigger going on? Is there a new radical redesign they intend to showcase at an opportune time?

There have been reports coming out from a variety of sources at QuakeCon who’ve played a preview build and it’s pretty much confirmed that they are at least in the game but aside from that there have been no real comments on the matter. All the fans want is a screenshot. Is that too much to ask?

I’m no Argonian fan but the lack of information out there has made me incredibly curious, the only shred of information I could find was a low resolution clipping of concept art that was so blurred you could barely make out a tail. The suspicious side in me makes me think that perhaps this could be the point, to try and drum up some interest in them, but realistically speaking the Argonians have their diehard fans and most other people won’t even notice their lack of presence.

So I come back to my first conclusion, Bethesda probably just doesn’t know this small part of the community cares so passionately about them, but perhaps if some people became a little more vocal they’d show an image or two? Just a thought.

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In this series of Blog posts I attempt to review every video game based novel I can find until I make my way through them all or run out of money. My ultimate goal is to create a picture of what there is available and see, once and for all, if video game based novels exsist purely to feed the cash cow or if they’re well crafted and provide quality extra content for the true fan. If you have any suggestions for books I should take a look at, or if you have any comments about this, please let me know.

Mass Effect: Revelations

Based in an Earlier time period of the Mass Effect universe Revelation focuses on the character of Anderson as he searches for those responsible for a Terrorist attack on A human colony. It’s an interesting story by itself and is very valuable to anyone wanting an extra little peak at that universe.

In the games Anderson is a wise star ship captain who’s been around the universe a fair few times. In this novel he’s certainly experienced but he’s a little unsure of himself and his surroundings and it makes for a more interesting character to follow. This is perhaps the most exciting part of Revelations as it provides a few insights on a character that was certainly interesting but there was little really known about him. Getting a look inside his mind provides a little more context for his somewhat jaded nature. Furthermore, and to my surprise, the novel is more about his character than it’s about any plot or story. This is Anderson’s tale and his character arc is interesting to watch evolve.

To say it’s Anderson’s story is not to say that it’s a one character novel, on the contrary there is a decent cast of characters to choose from and each goes through their own unique journey. There’s the somewhat lost military scientists Kahlee that’s just trying to make her way honestly through a dishonest galaxy, the fearsome ambassador Goyle that could make a Krogan back down with the merest look, and of course the infamous Saren.

Anyone who’s played the game will be familiar with this particular Turian. It could be argued that the novel really belongs to him as it delves deep into his motives and backstory. Personally I found his reasons for his sevear hatred of humanity to be quite predictable but still interesting and emotional. This is a man scarred by war and his mental damage clearly goes deep. There are some moments when you feel sorry for him or where you smile as he does something heroic and yet the net result was I hated the man. This book does a spectacular job at making me despise Saren even when he’s supposed to be on our side.

The main impetus of the plot doesn’t initially revolve around Saren but becomes far more complex and interesting when he’s dragged into it. As you could have guessed there is far more to the plot than you would ever guess and let’s just say it has an impact on Saren. It would be a spoiler to say how but the are some very definite ties between the plot lines of the game and book that twists together in a way I never expected. I went in thinking I’d get a little more information on the universe but instead what I got was an extra chapter in the main story.

For as good as the story and characters are, and for as good a job as Karpyshyn does making it fit in that world, there are some very large inconsistencies. Biotics, for example, use warp fields to affect the world around them whereas the book explains these powers by suggesting biotics can control dark matter. Granted this is probably a vestigial piece of text, as the book was written before the game came out, that was unable to be adjusted when the change from dark matter to warp fields was made to the game. Regardless I found it to be a little bit jarring and as a large mass effect nerd it took me out of the world somewhat.

Aside from the few technical discrepancies I also found that some of the basic descriptive text didn’t really engage me. The dialogue between characters was funny, snappy and interesting whereas the prose was just a little dry and bland. Most of the descriptions are very effective, one fight scene involving a space ship and several land vessel is thrilling, yet it lacks a distinct personality that I personally crave from prose.

Overall the book was very enjoyable providing a wide look at this grand universe while telling a story that ties directly into the games. It manages to perfectly toe the line between acknowledging the universe it belongs to whilst staying as an independent story that, although I would recommend against it, could be read with no prior mass effect knowledge. If you’re a die hard Mass Effect fan it’s a must read but for everyone else if you like fun little sci-fi stories with a decent amount of technobabble, gun fights, space magic and space ships then it’s probably

worth a read.

Also did I mention it’s set in space? Because it’s set in space.



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@WinterSnowblind: I've never played Guild Wars but I've been following Guild Wars 2, that game looks very interesting. I'll definitely add that book to my list.

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@Hero_Swe: Thanks, don't know how I missed that.

@cmpLtNOOb: I've heard The Flood is a retelling of the first game, I might leave that one for a while. I've got a couple of Mass Effect books to go through next anyway. But I was also really disappointed that the Peter Jackson movie fell through, that short they did looked pretty good.