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A Bastion of Downloads 0

I’ve been struggling with my thoughts of Bastion for a few days now and it has me perplexed. I kept weighing up all the good points but felt that in some way there was something fundamentally wrong with the game that I couldn’t see, that it lacked some kind of raw element that made it more than just good, but I couldn’t pin it down. Finally, I think, after a few days distance to get perspective, I’ve cracked it.Bastion, created by Supergiant Games, is a top down third person action-adventure gam...

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Dusty Prospect 0

From Dust centres around the player as ‘the breath’, a god-like force of nature able to control the world around it, and has them manipulating the environment to claim a number of villages before exiting to the next area. It’s a very interesting concept and brings a type of game play to consoles that hasn’t really been done before. It’s a fun game with good level designs that, although lacking in places, ends up being a fairly decent prospect.The essential mechanic here is that you can pick up a...

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Torchmight 0

  If you like Diablo 2 then stop reading this right now and go and buy Torchlight, seriously. If you liked that game this one will appeal to you on a nostalgic level as well as with all the awesomeness I will soon outline in the following passages. Alternatively if you tried, and hated, Diablo 2 then  I suggest you don’t buy it. The gameplay is very much and evolution of that game in some ways that are genius but ultimately it’s the same type of game. Torchlight from the outset makes...

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A Whole New World... 0

Mario on the wii had two possibilities, either it would be a visually updated version of Mario 64 with a few motion controls thrown in or it would be a game that’s wholly original. What would never have been suspected is that it could be both at the same time. From the moment Mario first appears on the screen it’s easy to tell how much work has gone in to the visuals. It has no highly realistic graphics packed full of polygons, but what it does have is a very unique style to it that makes it one...

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