Posted by Bruce

ToysRus, K-Mart, FYE (They suck balls) and NOTHING!

 I really wanted to play Psycho Killer too.....well, guess I can wait until NewEgg ships my order.

Posted by phlegms

I think Im going to leave it a while before I get rock band 2. I have yet to exhaust the song list in RB1.

Posted by DBoy

Keep lookin'.
I'm getting the game tomorrow.

Posted by AthleticShark

In my hands right now :)

Posted by albedos_shadow

Target seemed to have a lot around my area. i got there at 9:00 and picked up 2 copies.

Posted by BlastProcessing

Yeah, well, at least you have a somewhat functional 360, man. I wanted to sin-I mean mumble the Ace of Spades re-recording.