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Well, someone might have made this point already, but a married man typically isn't going to call a girl the next day, being all clingy. If a girl is into a one night stand sort of situation, a married guy is someone she'll likely never deal with again.

On the converse of that, I had a married girl come on to me...didn't see the appeal to be honest.

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I used to be embarrassed whenever talking to girls about it. In fact, I'd avoid it entirely. They'd usually bring up some weirdo they knew who told them how great WoW was, for example, and how they should play it. But after becoming close with a few really cool (and attractive) girls who play happen to play games, I realized that there isn't necessarily a correlation between playing video games and being socially inept. Basically, those weirdos weren't "weirdos" just because they played WoW.

Now, hell, I walk around campus with a pokewalker on my denim jacket sometimes.

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AH! There it is! Thank you.

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I think it was the 70s.

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Will can come off as really obnoxious until you get used to him. He's unnecessarily loud most of the time, but he knows his stuff, and him and Norm play off of each other well.

To the topic at hand: I still visit Tested, even though I have my reservations about it. I don't like the way it's been branded as a site for the Mythbusters dudes (not blaming them, though), given their lack of contribution + the amount of time Will and Norm poured into the site over the past few years. Would it be so much to ask to have "Will and Norm" below the banner of "Jamie and Adam"?

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Okay, this has been driving me crazy since I woke up (had a nightmare similar to the scene that I'm about to describe), so hopefully you guys can help me.

In the scene, a man is in a gray brick room, and he sees his daughter standing in the corner (very similar to the last shot of Blairwitch, even though I think this is an old horror film) with her back turned, wearing a bright red overcoat with a hood. Her face is obscured, but the man seems to be sure that it's his daughter. He then calls out to her. After not responding for a few moments, she turns around, revealing herself to be this CREEPY-ASS-LOOKING old woman. She approaches the man with a knife and then stabs him to death.

That's all I got.

I'm not just imagining this, am I? I know I got that image in my head from somewhere, but I just can't remember where. Any help would be appreciated!

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I'm very "open." Unfortunately, the university I go to is known for its collective anti-social behavior, but that hasn't stopped me from trying.

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Bro, have you seen Tested lately? At least Rorie and Alex were let go (or left, I don't know the circumstances)! Will and Norm built made that site awesome for the past two years, and now their names aren't even on the fucking homepage. Instead, you have two guys plastered all over it who -- let's be real here -- won't even actively post / contribute to it. That's pretty fucked up.

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I love Chelsea Piers. It's a beautiful pier (that goes on FOREVER) in and of itself, but there are some activities toward the middle that are pretty fun. You can go on helicopter rides, there are parks, you can play golf, pool, basketball, there's a gym, bowling, etc. Personally, I used to just go there and stare at the city at night. When the water is illuminated by the moon, it looks really nice.

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I liked Fable 2 a bunch. The ending was dumb, and the story was not the greatest, but it had a lot of charm to it. Rarely do RPGs have charm anymore; even Final Fantasy seemed to lose it somehow.