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I'm still waiting for access to the beta. I played during the open weekend and it was very tempting to pay the Kickstart minimum fee to keep playing. I loved it. Better than Diablo though? I don't know. They're both great without doubt.

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I know the beta was the very beginning of the game and it ended shortly, but did anyone else think Diablo III was WAY too easy? I never once felt like I might die on any of the classes. I don't know if Blizzard simply lowered the difficulty for the beta so they wouldn't scare people away, but the light difficulty had the opposite effect on me. I thought Diablo and Diablo II were much harder games, even early.

Do you think it will change between now and release? Or do you think I'm wrong and it was paced nicely?

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Big Fish

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Developer - Either Bethesda, SCE Japan Studio (Shadow of the Colossus and ICO), or whoever made Myst

Artist - Wayne Barlowe (Hellboy movies and Dante's Inferno game)

Writer - Guillermo del Toro

Game - Pan's Labyrinth

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No, not if you were together then.

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Am i missing the point here? Do you want them to be more popular or are you just asking what it would take out of curiosity?

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@Christoffer said:

@JasonR86: I love this topic.

as long as someone realize something about his/her own perception of the world. And if it's only one person, it's worth it.

Does that mean that a therapist is an artist? They continually try to make their patients realize perceptions on the world and their interactions with the "reality" around them.

@JasonR86: Alright, you want a serious answer? Go check out some of these people's thorough insights into the subject. Arthur Danto, George Dickie, Tolstoy, Plato's From the Republic, and my personal favorite is a book that is not so much about art as it is about perception of reality and the state of being, titled "Simulacra and Simulation". Check out Danto and Simulacra for sure if you're actually interested about this subject. Unfortunately some topics can't be discussed the way they should from paragraph-long forum soap boxes.

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Uh-oh, you got me! Actually, smart-ass mother fucker, I haven't taken an art class. I actually came up with this shit all on my own.

...I actually put a lot of thought into this too.


Smelly cunt missile? Dicks for certain, obviously, but the real question now is...smelly cunt missile?

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MY GOD...that was hilarious. The dragon age franchise is on a roll, one hit right after the other. Facebook garbage browser game, awful DLC after awful DLC for DA2, and talks of adding multi-player to DA3. Man EA has really sunk their teeth into this once respectable franchise.

They tried to turn the combat of DA2 into a anime anyway with 15 foot jumps, spinning staff explosions, and dagger stabs that made enemies explode into quake 2 polygons, so i can see where this came from.


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What's your favorite kind?