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@Flacracker said:

Before it was launched and just a blog.

You are a superior lurker to me, You deserve a song.

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Well since the games are over, what did you guys think about them?

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Yes it is defiantly still worth playing and for the second question, probably deadly premonition.

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Come on guys, that kid was just developing his MLG SKEEELZ!!!!

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I want to know if there are any other lurkers out there. I've Been on Giant Bomb since late 09 and I never post on here or the wiki, I'm a lurker by heart. But besides me, how long have many of you guys been here and still go on at least once every month or two.

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Internet, you mean that new hobby AL Gore has?

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@Pinworm45 said:

Is this a joke? It's fucking horrible. And I don't mean it's offensive, I mean it's fucking not funny. It's aggressively not funny. It's anti-funny. It's so unfunny that I am now in a worse, less humorous mood for having read it.

Hey, did you hear some people shot guns in Iraq? Wow, the viral marketing for Mass Effect Leviathon has gone too far, lol. Right, because Mass Effect and Iraq both involve guns and shooting?

Good god.

This made me laugh more then OP's "joke", just the first two lines alone.

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They should have outsourced the game but I'm not going to be whiny about it since this shouldn't even exist in the first place.

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Good thing I don't have anything important on my account.

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He's the ps3 ign guy right? He's one of the better journalists on their staff, quite a shame that this shit happens to people only in their 20s or so. Good luck to him, hopefully he can fight through it and not unfortunately wind up like Edd from Eddsworld.