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A czech pilsner, nothing compares to that/

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Doesn't really surprise me, more fast food workers pull tyler durden shennagins then you think.

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Pixel art, sorry about that one he doesn't do that art style, ask around the community I know some people here do that.

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hmm, I can ask a friend of mine he wants to help, he's decent at it but he works mainly with flash.

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@biospank said:

@Brunchies: yeah pretty much, that. So if you go on either of these sites without tor or any other stuff you will get some form agency after you. Plus that the gawd damm bitcoin is getting really strong now. Heck almost all of the hidden internett takes that rather then normal monies.

You need tor to access these sites, they are onion sites which means they have an onion link which can only be accessed through tor. The reason why they use tor is because it's a non trackable currency that makes you completely anonymous, they also use pgp encryption to hide sales transactions so they make it as hard as they can for the FBI.

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Did you make this, nice job dude. Can you give the xcode sourcecode to the community or is that against apple's rules, I would love to work with it to learn more about xcode.

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I actually haven't really listened to much music from this year, I'm waiting for the rumored daft punk album later this year.

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@Brunchies: yeah, but still its not safe because of hackers. Plus the dudes that made tor even said its safer ti run linux with tor, but you cannot even DL all of the banned books n music of you use tor or make a tormail.

That's probably wjy Tails was made, I think its a linux distro customized for anonymity. But yeah I would never download anything from the deep web, there are entire websites dedicated to viruses and whenever you get a paypal account hacked, it ends up their sold for bitcoins.

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So after a while of owning it, I started playing gmod a lot thanks to a little server called gmod theaterwhich basically lets you watch youtube videos inside of the game, its pretty cool despite some of the idiots on that server and its high brony population(nothing wrong with that mind you). I was wondering if there were any other servers that you guys could recommend or if you guys apart of the pc gaming hub would be interested in playing gmod.

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@AlexW00d said:

It's good, but it suffers from the problem of zero likeable characters. To some that might not matter, but the characters are generally what draw me into a TV show.

That's what I like about it, I appreciate a TV series that can have no likeable people and make you focus on the story. Again I haven't seen it in a while but the episode in mexico with tuco was amazing, some great TV.