Games I want to get but shouldn't because I have a big enough Pile of Shame.

I love Video Games, I buy lots of video games, I still buy games even if I haven't beat the ones I already bought. This list is dedicated to my unhealthy obsession with video games and all the games I'll get eventually. Warning: I'm a hella boring person so that will be projected fully in this list so sorry if you read this that you felt like some of your time was wasted. This list isn't final, I'll add more when I think about them when time goes on. Now lets start of this list with a awesome people playing awesome games stock picture.

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Posted by kalmis

 Interesting list. I've got several same games on my wishlist-to-be-played as well. Such as the Shin Megami, NMH and Ico/Shadow of the Colossus games.
I did finish Dragon Age on PS3 and it was tad disappointing, wrote a review of the game here as well. And related to your Heavy Rain comment, I actually got my PS3 on Heavy Rain release date :)

Posted by Brunchies
@kalmis: Thanks, I was going to add more if they come to mind but nothing has so far. I might get a PS3 later this year just for Heavy Rain because it looks so interesting. Also I'm hoping to get it backwards compatible so I don't have to pay another 100 dollars for a PS2 or try to confusingly emulate all the PS2 games I missed.