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Im still silver too.

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brutushayesosu. It's a combination of Brutus Buckeye and Woody Hayes and OSU (Ohio State). I graduated from OSU in 2007 and I remember seeing a statue of a Brutus/Woody Hayes combination and I guess that stuck in my head. There were a lot statues being made to help fund the building of a the new library on campus. Hey my badge should be gold ;(

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These are the two I only use.

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For Bloodborne Ive been using music from movies like Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Fury,Pacific Rim, Thor. I have the volume turned down lower so its not overpowering. It's just something that is always playing in the background.

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I have electrical tape on mine on both side where it folds. Right side was due to cracking and the left side came out of the folding. A small piece of plastic broke off which held the pin in. Probably will upgrade to gorilla tape and paper clips to improve the durability more. I like the headphones but the build quality is extremely cheap.

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Put in a 2tb hard drive into PS4 but can't sign in to download my cloud saves and digital games. All my PS4 games are digital which explains the 2tb hard drive. Sad trumbone. Watching/listening to Giant Bomb stuff so it'll be ok.

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Playing with a 970gtx, I was having some issues with stuttering and my DOF/motion blur was not working. I had everything maxed in my in-game settings but when I went into the gamerprofile.xml file a few things were set to low and high. I set everything to 'ultrahigh' and now the game looks better overall, the postfx setting now works, and stuttering seems to be diminished. Placebo effect Im not sure....? Basically what this guy was saying here. (reddit link)

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I've been having issues with this Far Cry 4 preorder promo for buying a new video card where I had to activate through uplay. It is a chaotic mess of websites and subsites some tied directly to uplay some not. Anyway, the experience has been very unpleasant and I can't see myself ever voluntarily purchasing software from them directly in the near future. I don't understand why, if they are clamouring for consumers to use their platform, they don't make it function acceptably....well ok money, yes money is the reason. There really is no mystery. Oh well.

Same thing here. GTX970 and was hoping to play this on launch day but its not looking like I will.

This was a reply in the Ubisoft forums, "Everyone, we have been informed of this with some users as we are currently investigating this. We apologize for the inconvenience.Please continue to check your email as well as checking your Uplay order to check for your key. Please be sure to enter the key manually with all capitals and hyphens when activating the game."

So I guess just stare at your emails until it works?

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These are the 2 Ive been going back and forth with.