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request for NA East2 clan/group


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Dusty Diamond's All-Star Softball Some of you may have played this, but whenever I bring it up with others they have no idea what I'm talking about.

Each player had their own traits and each field had their own rules. Example: The school had a home run line. Over the line on the fly is a homer, but if you break a window on the school it was an out. Balls could also be caught pass the line for an out.

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  • The GameOverGreggy Show on Youtube is what I have been listening to lately while playing D3. The topics they cover are usually interesting.
  • WWE Countdown if your into wrestling and have the app.
  • The Lobby-youtube
  • anything from Giantbomb Unarchived-Youtube
  • Mysteries at the Museum
  • Cities of the Underworld(if you can find them)
  • EpicBattleCry
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Browns fan. 5 or 6 wins. Feel the excitement!

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I got a headache just thinking about all the crap he has to do now because some low life needs drug money. (probably, most likely)

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Had a couple of scary moments but yeah I just walked back and forth over and over until I gave up. The guy on the radio told me not to turn around so I walked backwards. Nothing happened. I'll watch Patrick play it later instead

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Go to class, get good grades, meet cool people, have fun, be responsible.