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This stuff almost makes me want to get an XBONE just to get back into designing cars. I wasn't very good at racing but I liked making designs!

It is one of those things that you start 3pm and before you now it's midnight.

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@brutushayesosu: Nice design duder! question, did you make that bomby? looks familiar... i made one and shared it day 1 so other GB people can fly the flag easier, just wondering if you used mine.

Yes I used yours. I credited you and SirFing in post #11. Its awesome!

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360 view of b/w Dr Tracksuit inspired. Decided to keep the good Dr's "medicine" lines by front tires. As a goof.

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@brutushayesosu: That is fantastic! :)

I'm going to load up Horizon and download that one ASAP!

SirFing is the curator making a lot of sweet Giant Bomb stuff. Also Old Man Light made the Giant Bomb guy I used.

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Fell down the design hole on this game today. Not sure where Im going with this. I found a VinnCo and Giant Bomb logo by searching in the game. So credit to those folks. Made the Quick Look background and added the lettering. Just farting around with it. Still need to fix the lettering. I think I might just go the route of this being the Quick Look theme car and work on a Dr. Tracksuit car next. Start from scratch with it.

updated: 360 view This picture is currently what it looks like. I use hood cam while playing so I don't like to put too much stuff on there.

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I've just parked by the loot cave and put my controller down. I shall check in about an hour or two and see what is there. I've hit rock bottom.

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@sterling: Puplic events are cool but most of the time I fuck around a planet for 15 minutes or more and nothing happens

Here is the schedule: X means every hour.

Public Event Schedule Edit

Old RussiaEdit

Main article: Old Russia
  • The Steppes
    • Event: Defeat Extraction Crews
    • Start Times: X:15-X:25 & X:45-X:55
  • Mothyards
    • Event: Defend the Warsat, Kill Target or Defeat Extraction Crews
    • Start Times: X:00 & X:30
  • The Divide
    • Event: Defeat Devil Walker
    • Start Times: X:10-X:15 & X:40-X:45
  • Skywatch
    • Event: Defend Warsat OR Fallen & Hive War
    • Start Times: X:00-X:05 & X:30-X:35

Ocean of Storms Edit

Main article: Ocean of Storms
  • Archer's Line
    • Event: Defend the Warsat
    • Start Times: X:00-X:05
    • Event: Kill Target
    • Start Times: X:10-X:15
  • Hellmouth
    • Event: Defeat Extraction Crews
    • Start Times: X:35-X:45 (?)
  • Anchor of Light
    • Event: Defend the Warsat
    • Start Times: X:00-X:05
    • Event: Destroy The Fallen Walker
    • Start Times: X:30 & X:45

Ishtar Sink Edit

Main article: Ishtar Sink
  • Ember Caves
    • Event: Defeat Extraction Crews
    • Start Times: X:30-X:35
    • Event: Defeat Devil Walker
    • Start Times: X:30-X:40
  • Citadel
    • Event: Keep the Vex Away from the Conflux[2]
    • Start Times: X:35-X:40 (?) - This event appears to be similar to Defend the Warsat
    • Note: The description stated "Prevent Vex Sacrifices," allowing up to 10 sacrifices before ending the event. There is a countdown to defend the area.

Meridian Bay Edit

Main article: Meridian Bay
  • The Hollows
    • Event: Kill Cabal Engineer
    • Start Times: X:05-X:10
  • The Barrens
    • Event: Defend The Warsat
    • Start Times: X:05

works good on phone and tablet.

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request for NA East2 clan/group


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Dusty Diamond's All-Star Softball Some of you may have played this, but whenever I bring it up with others they have no idea what I'm talking about.

Each player had their own traits and each field had their own rules. Example: The school had a home run line. Over the line on the fly is a homer, but if you break a window on the school it was an out. Balls could also be caught pass the line for an out.