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Legend of Drizzt (R.A. Salvatore)
A Song of Fire & Ice (George R.R. Martin) 
Dune (Frank Herbert) 

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 I bought Starcraft II on Launch day and played the first 4 or 5 missions having never finished the original.  I've since gone back and finished the entirety of the Terran campaign and 8 missions of the Zerg campaign and I find it amazing how well the original holds up.  My eyes have adjusted to the blocky sprite and textures and I'm finding that I'm having a blast.  It's well worth it to get the battle chest, regardless of whether or not your computer can run SC2. $20 is great value for what you'll get out of  it.   
On a separate note, there is actually a Starcraft 2 demo available.  Just not the conventional kind, but a friend of mine just bought a new video card and there was a disc on it with a timed demo.  I don`t remember the exact details, but I think you get 7 hours or so before the demo times out, so if you can get your hands on that, it would be a great way to see if your system can handle it.    
Also, here`s a handy link:    
Just pick Starcraft II from the drop down menu and it`ll give you a pretty detailed list of how all of your components stack up. 
If you can end up running Starcraft 2, I`d suggest you get the battlechest as well anyway.  It`s a classic and the gameplay holds up phenomenally well.  

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While I don't much care for any sort of new bundle, I'm completely ready for more Kratos on the 'ole PSP. :)

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That sucks about them trying to hook you for the extra month.  It does day pretty clearly "monthly" as opposed to "1-month" but it's an honest enough mistake to make.  The bigger issue that I have with  with Xbox Live is the hassel that you have to go through if you want to cancel.  They make it so easy to sign up for the service.  It's all right there in the dashboard.  Outside of turning the thing on and Pressing a button to play the disc, it's the easiest thing you can do on the machine.  However if you want to cancel you can't do it from the console.  In fact when last I checked, you couldn't even do it online at all.  Making it more difficult to discontinue the service may not be an outright scam, but it is pretty scummy.

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Never heard of it until now.  Seems like a cheap cash in on gimmicky controls to me.  I have zero interest in a collection of mini games perverting either my 360 or PS3.  I've managed to keep the Wii free of most of that junk as well.  No thanks.

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@Xeiphyer:  think that not being able to use my current 4GB Pro Duo II is a bit on the lame side as well.  I figure that the M2 has dropped in price quite a bit since it first hit the market, but the problem I have is that I can't think of many devices that use that format.

As far as the 2nd analogue nub, i half agree with you about splitting the market.  You're going to get that with any sort of added functionality that you tack on to an upgraded piece of hardware.  Like with the DS Light and the DSi for example.  You're not going to be playing Guitar Hero On Tour on on the DSi, just like you won't be downloading new content onto the DS Light from the DSi store.

I think that Sony has already fragmented the market with the removal of the UMD drive anyway.  I have a perfectly functional copy of Killzone Liberation sitting around on a UMD right now.  Unless they come out with a piece of gear that lets you transfer your back-catalogue of games onto the PSP Go (highly unlikely), I'll have to pay around $17 (CDN) to re-download it from the PS store.  There are a ton of great games that PSP Go users won't have access to without sony making the decision to make them available for download, so in my opinion they've already fragmented their audience in that regard.
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I think that the 16GB of internal memory will be enough to start out.  But like with any sort of memory, as time goes on, as your library expands and once developers start taking advantage of it, it will end up feeling rather insufficient.  I remember when I had a 200MB hard drive in my 486 PC and at the time it was more space than i'd ever need.  For better or worse, it looks like Sony went with a Memory Stick Micro (M2) slot rather than a cheaper Pro Duo II or SD card or something of the like, so that will make it slightly more expensive to expand on the original 16GB.

I do happen to think that the design of the new PSP is rather sharp.  Mostly, I like that it's a fair bit smaller and a lot more pocket friendly.  I find that my PSP2000 is a bit greedy on space being as wide as it is, and I like the idea of not having to carry around a bunch of bulky UMD's in order to have a decent variety of games.  As long as the price for the PSP Go isn't way out of proportion, I'll be picking one up for sure.  It's too bad they couldn't have added a second analogue nub to the package while they were at it. :(
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Awesome.  I planned on playing it on the PSP which might help to ease the aging of the games visuals.  If the story is worth it and the gameplay holds up moderately well, then I'll play through it for sure.  No "game snob" here.  Thanks for the replies. :)

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I didn't own a PS1 when it was out, so I might check this out to see what all the fuss is about.  As long as it isn't a complete ripoff.  What made this game so great back in the day?

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When i first downloaded the demo I didn't really think that game was that big of a deal.  I didn't even play right the way through.  I felt that the basic game mechanics weren't that exciting and that the overall experience was rather ho-hum.  Then my brother played it right the way through and seemed a tad more impressed with it so I figured I'd give it another run.

It wasn't until I really started toying around with the force and trying it in different combinations that I really started to enjoy the demo.  Sabre impale is an awesome 1-hit kill but I had a ton more fun charging a storm trooper with force lightning and then hurling him and the rest of his squadmate.  Using him as a bomb is awesome!

I'll be picking this one up on day one, having played through the short demo about 10 times now.  It just took a while to grow on me.
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