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Yeah it definitely takes lots of tries and a huge investment of gold. If you buy just a basic (white name) ring or something (I did a bow actually) from the merchant and try enchanting that, it works best. It costs quite a bit more to enchant rare or unique items, so you'll go broke a lot faster with all the fails and disenchants it takes to finally get it.

For me I think there were at least a half dozen times where I'd get to 8 or 9 enchantments only to get disenchanted, and more than a dozen other times where it would get disenchanted at lower levels. There's not much else in the game worth spending your gold on however, so really it's just a matter of playing long enough.

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I liked the last level. 
My only complaint is that after the final boss and the credits roll, that's it. It just dumps you back at the title screen. I was hoping it would put me back in the hub world and let me run around and redo any of the levels and collect all the items and stuff that I missed. I'm one of those people that doesn't feel like I've completed the game until I've 100%'ed everything. It also would have been nice to get to talk to some of the characters again at the end, just to wrap up the story a bit more.

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Gameplay wise, I liked Milla's Dance Party. The levitation ball is my favorite ability and you get to zip around the level a bunch on it. Also had a pretty interesting and dark secret area to discover.
But the art style for Black Velvetopia was really beautiful and I liked the story for that section the most as well.

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@trophyhunter said:
00000.0222If you really get into it the bullshit backstory is fantastic. Watch this video
That's a cool video, thanks for posting. I went through and watched all 6 episodes.
As for a new game, I'd like to see a return to the older style of gameplay. They could iron out some of the control issues. I like the cinematic camera angles, but maybe they could be somewhat dynamic, so they provide plenty of cramped atmosphere as you're walking around, but once you take aim it zooms out so you can actually see the target you're aiming at... But keep ammo and health very limited, bring back more puzzles, slow down the pace of the game - so enemy encounters are a thing to be feared.  And a new location for sure, and even new characters. The whole mansion thing has been beaten to death. If you want to play the orignial again, then just go play the original... or the remake... or one several other RE games that have featured a mansion...
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RE2 is my favorite, but closely followed by Code Veronica. Code Veronica is probably the better game, but I have a lot of nostalgia associated with RE2.
I didn't like where they took the series with RE4. The best thing about the older games is that you get into situations where you're low on ammo, almost out of health, haven't saved your game in an hour, and you're pressing on into unknown territory where a zombie can jump out of anywhere - very tense and exciting. RE4 felt like a sort of generic action shooter, but with clunky controls, and it didn't even have "real" zombies.

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I think 2007 is a pretty strong contender, probably even better than 2008.
The N64 got its first batch of really great games, including Goldeneye, Mario Kart 64, Star Fox 64, Turok, and some others.
PlayStation had one of its better years with FFVII, Castlevainia SOTN, Oddworld, Tomb Raider II, Crash Bandicoot 2...
PC had a ridiculous number of great games, including Fallout, Quake II, Age of Empires, Riven, Ultima Online, Dungeon Keeper, Hexen II, ect...