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A lot of people have been asking, "What's the point," and "Who is this for?" I personally don't have my biggest TV by my gaming setup. If I wanted to play games on that TV, I can build a system that runs SteamOS for less than it would cost to buy the HDMI baluns and run the cable to hook things together. I'm interested in seeing how this all plays out.

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Ha, this is awesome. Good for him. I haven't enjoyed a Tekken game since 3, but I might grab a copy of the next one to support Harada-san.

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Awesome! With this I can feel comfortable not buying a new PS2 as I now have access to all the games I wanted to play again in HD remakes

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It's hard to throw criticism at stuff that people have worked hard on designing and modeling, but so far none of the areas shown in the video elicit any excitement from me. I know it's a fantasy setting, but "fantasy MMO" doesn't need to translate to "looks like a more shiny WoW". That being said, until we see more on the other systems in the game, no one can really make any fair judgments on it.

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Very very excited for this. The Tex Murphy series has been one of my favorite gaming experiences ever, with Tex being one of my favorite characters. I'll be kicking in and am hoping for some cool backer rewards :D

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This is a sad story. I think the most upsetting part about it though is that it took jumping online and posting about it before MS got the information to fix the situation. Really makes me reconsider how I handle my customer service interactions in the future.

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Waiting for drumsmith

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Oh snap! Ice-T!

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I had mine freeze, but it was when I tried to access the PSN just to see what error it threw out.  Its error was freezing, so I didn't do that again. Played for 5 or 6 hours without any issue after that. 

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Gearbox just gets better and better in my eyes