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There are times when I play the legends games, or even in my player it happens; I am doing well and then all of a sudden everything I try just turns to crap and the AI can do no wrong. It really gets aggravating. Has anyone else had this problem?

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I want them to bring back some of the old crew to join back up, and then replace them all with Chuck Norris and Mr. T.
#3 Posted by BryanDeth316 (22 posts) -

I think I would like for the missions to be a little bit longer. One thing about ME1 is that the missions in my opinion were just the right length. In ME2, they seemed alot shorter.

Tali's face would be nice....I would think that if you get DLC characters, you can interact with them the same as you can with others. Notice that with Zaheed you can't talk to him the same as you would say Jacob?  
I also would like to see Ashley, and at least Tali to rejoin the crew.

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Not too anxious for this as most films based on video games are not really up to par and you have to go into the film with low expectations. However, we all knew this was coming. If something in an alternate media is even remotely popular it becomes a movie. So hey, I hope that it does well for the sake of the name of the series.
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OP...dude mellow out already. 
The game isn't going to be in New York, deal. You can still have the Noir feel of it. It wasn't the city that made it, it was the character and the narrative and the story. Maybe, just maybe they can get it right. Or maybe I am giving the developers too much credit, but Rockstar has been doing well the last few years so why not give them a fair shot? 
I did a post previously about how it makes sense storywise for Max Payne to leave NY. Who would want to stay in a city where the most traumatic few years of your life took place? Why would you want the constant painful reminders of what you'd lost? And also with all that went on, do you REALLY think that he'd be back on the NYPD? It only makes sense that the location would be changed.
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I loved the first two Max Payne games and I love the character because of the tragedy involved in his story. I think this is an interesting change and approach. I mean honestly, why would he stay in the city where he was miserable and would have all of those reminders of his wife and child? Plus after the events of Part 2, why would he stay on the department anyway? I think him moving away and becoming private security makes sense.  
Plus chances are all of the stress and pain in general, pfft if he loses his hair and looks out, then he got off pretty light. Granted I'm probably reading more into it than need be since he's just a video game character but...I truly cannot wait to see how this game turns out. 

But that's just my opinion.
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How are you guys enjoying using him? He has some pretty decent knockout power but of course his ground game is horrible. I had a fight with him against....I think it was was hilarious to see the size difference.
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I wasn't able to do anything in the camp yet. I'll try again next time I see people on.
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Or bring out Chuck Norris or Mr. T 
If Chuck Norris were in a UFC game he'd be impossible to beat. Way harder than Mike Tyson in Mike Tyson's punch out.
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Dude I was trying to come into the camp stuff and it wouldn't let me.
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