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i watch anime porn

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@ThePRAssassin:  i'm sure this has been discussed to death, it always comes down to which game people like better, i like them both.  i will say that in COD i do feel like it's a fair fight nine times out of ten.  i think a few more factors other than the ranking system contribute to that.  ie.  in halo, if you suck with the battle rifle as I do, you lose.  it feels like quite a bit more thought went into the overall balancing of the COD games.  the weapons unlocking system and map design and so on.  don't get me wrong, i loves me some halo, but i'll be damned if the multiplayer doesn't get incredibly frustrating sometimes.  i don't get frustrated with COD multiplayer as often.
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For those of you who are level 45 and up, I was just curious about which playlist you achieved that level in?  I'm currently a 45 and have been for a little more than a year.  
On a side note, I will say that I think the TrueSkill ranking system is horseshit and doesn't feel balanced at all.  Bungie should have taken a page from CoD4/5's ranking system which feels a lot more rewarding to play.

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I would get this, but I'm saving for the Hardened MW2 Edition and possible a Mad Catz Combat Controller if the reviews say they don't suck.
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@L33tfella_H said:
" @Chaser324 said:
" @ArchScabby said:

" 50 cent, good charlotte and Dane Cook?  could that list get anymore lame? "

Yeah, how does Treyarch land Kiefer Sutherland and IW get them? "
good point!  IW really scored a lame-ass group, especially by comparison.