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Halo 3 Review 0

The Halo series has always been a mixed bag, in my opinion.  Been a Halo fan from day one, OG halo on launch xbox.  Love the story, loved the first game, had lots of uber-nerd "halo parties" with my buds playing some LAN multiplayer.  Was super excited for the second game, and then super let down in a lot of ways.  Still though, played a lot of multiplayer.  My feelings about Halo 3 are similar to Halo 2.  The multiplayer is so frustrating because in so many ways it's awesome.  In other ways, it...

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Call of Duty: World at War Review 0

Call of Duty: World at War is a fine addition to the Call of Duty franchise.  It is undoubtably the coup de grace of any WWII-themed first person shooters.  Treyarch, still riding on the back of the giant that is Infinity Ward, stole all the bits that made Call of Duty: Modern Warfare so great and improved upon or added to that seminal game.  However, it should be noted that COD: MW still feels "smoother" and more balanced than WaW, but only by a little bit.  I'm a big FPS player.  It is my go-t...

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