In defense of Easy Mode: Part One.

Greetings potential internet gaming audience and or publishers. I wanted to start a Giant Bomb blog mostly because I love the site, but also because I feel like I represent a part of the videogame audience that isn't often talked about. You see, I'm 32. I work in a creative field....okay I'm a rap producer...but what that means is that I spend most of my time working on music. I have also always been a gamer. I had an NES in the 80's, a SNES in the 90's and a PS1 after that. I had an xbox, but never a 360. I bought a PS3 last year, but recently sold it as Ive decided to game on the PC because its most convenient for me.

So....I love games, I love games media. I soak up maybe 10 gaming podcasts a week. I check reviews and news daily, and I follow the industry kind of religiously. I do all of these things a bunch more than I actually play videogames though. I enjoy being part of the conversation, and I think videogames are a huge part of our popular culture, even though I rarely have time to play them.

The other issue is one that others of my generation may experience. I'm just bad at games. I need all those annoying hud messages to figure out where Im going. I get frustrated when I die more than twice on a single encounter. I'm about the experience overall, not necessarily the challenge.

Is this wrong? I can certainly see where people would argue against it, and I would concede their point. But for me I need games that can be entertaining and easy. I just want people to know that I am still concerned with mechanics and good game design and everything else. I'm not just a casual player, I enjoy games that are challenging to the status quo, and I will fight to expose people to them who might not otherwise be aware of the fantastic artistic achievements happening in games. I will insist on my easy mode though....maybe that ruins it...i dunno. I enjoy watching others play through the hard ones though, that's why giant bomb is awesome.

Thats my 2 cents. If anyone ever reads this I will be surprised. But if you are out there spending more time reading game reviews than you do playing games, and you like it that way just fine? Throw up a comment!