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Also I will probably buy dino crisis 1 and 2, maybe the syphon filter games, and maybe the wild arms games as well. And I'd buy harvest moon too, but I dont want to start that game over.

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Strike easily stands out in the alpha.

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Huh, I wonder what it is? Maybe a crazy boss battle or something?

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I haven't tried the Hunter yet, but I kinda like the Titan over the Warlock right now. As you said though, it could change in the final version or even the beta when more skills are unlocked. The Titan's super is nice because when you get swarmed, you can pretty much kill everything around you.

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It happens to me occasionally as well. But after exploring for a bit its repopulated. Also as a side note: there is a bouncy ball near the bounty guy that you can kick around. Its near the crates next to him. Its fun trying to get other people to mess around with it with you.

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If this is true, then it's a big day for Halo news.

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@tennmuerti: you could very well be right. And I agree that it will be fun to come back to this. Man, fighting alongside Cortana could be pretty cool.

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Oh, I wonder if the top spartan is maybe Chief's new armor and he's looking at the reflection of his former self? Or something. I don't know.