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Yep. I solo'd my first playthrough and teamed up for my second. Both play styles are fun.

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Hello! Also this:

if you avoid the political threads youll have a great time. dont take yourself too seriously and have a good time.

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I didnt get anything as cool as piloting the other titans, or ghost sqaud. I have gotten 80 seconds off titan build time, rather than the usual 40. And I've also gotten unlimited magnetic arc grenades.

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I LOVED dragon's dogma. How much is it now? I paid about 40 when dark arisen came out.

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I think this is a good idea. And im sure 3089 would've fit in this category, among others.

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I've got the Astro A50s and they're really nice. Super comfortable, great sound quality, but they're not cheap. They cost me about $300, but the A40s (which are wired, my A50s are wireless) are a tad cheaper at $250. They use optical or aux for audio and are usb powered. They work on anything with those options. Even the PS4. Chat might not work on the Xbox One yet, though.

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Dart can't be a Dragoon without a hat!

Also, thanks for doing what some of us can't. Merry Christmas everybody.

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I was wondering if it was any good. I kinda liked the first one. And what the hell, it's free right?

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I would say JetGetters or Deathwish Heroes. Game sounds cool though.

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