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I still haven't purchased a current gen console because of the small amount of interesting games for them, but it's starting to get interesting now. Since the One with Sunset Overdrive is currently the equivalent of $300 and the PS4 without anything the equivalent of $380, the One is currently more attractive. That comes on top of the battery time of the DS4, which I very much dislike. I'm waiting to see how Bloodborne turns out before making a decision.

Interestingly, I never seriously considered the Wii U before reading this topic. Nintendo's line-up is of course very strong, especially regarding games I can play with my girlfriend. I might actually go for that instead and just keep my 360 on the side for the time being.

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Yes, 2010 can read 2007. Vice versa that isn't necessarily the case, but you should be fine. To be safe, save an additional copy as a pdf, as that will always be readable in case there is an problem with the ppt file. Just be aware that you won't have any animations in there, if you plan to use those.

Another tip is to only use standard fonts such as Arial or Calibri, as they need to have the font on their computer in order to display it (although again no issue if you pdf it).

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I agree with the general trend in this thread: go for it! But as @goreyfantod said, set up a system to have your support with you on distance. Have regular video calls with them, especially at the beginning, so that they can still be there for you. I guess that especially your mother would love to see you succeed, and if that means for instance daily calls for a few months, I'm sure she'll do that for you. Also, I would expect that once you have found your rhythm again, your need for support will decline.

In addition, if I understand it correctly you will effectively be opting out of your primary school teaching career by not doing it. As you say you really enjoy teaching, such a decision could very well impact your depression, and perhaps even your anxiety and Tourettes. I would say go for it, and if it still doesn't work then at least you tried your very best. Nothing is easy, you don't always win, and some battles you shouldn't even start, but you will have to keep trying in order to achieve something. Giving up isn't the answer in this case.

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Why not just accessing the website and then downloading the mp3 instead of streaming? I do the same with the videos. On my Galaxy S4 I just hold the 'download mp3' button for a second or two until a menu shows up and select 'save link as'. Then just remove the mp3 afterwards.

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Damn it, I'm going to have to buy a PS4.

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A few that I don't believe have been named yet:

- Bone

- Digger

- Maus

- Mouse Guard

The Deadpool series are pretty good as well if you like a bit of superheroes.

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Assassin's Creed 2 did that for me. I saw walls in a whole different light.

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Although Quick Looks and similar video content provide a dynamic and entertaining look of a game, I still prefer to consume a more evaluative piece of content in addition in order to get a balanced view of the game before making a decision to purchase to game or not. Whether that piece of content would be a review or something else, I don't care.

That said, if GB's Quick Looks would always - or at least more often - feature one person who has played through the entire game before Quick Looking it, these could of course be combined in a more structured way. But the Quick Looks as they are today do not provide enough information for me on their own.

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That's awesome.

I remember playing a match of One Must Fall against my grandfather when he was probably already over 90, about 15 years ago. I doubt he ever played a game before or after that. He actually understood it well enough to beat me.