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As long as your goal in life isn't 'consume everything that is posted on this website' I really don't see your problem. What about you just enjoy that you've got enough entertainment ready to be consumed whenever you have time?

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@sweep: I did a similar thing some years ago with my 360, although I moved within Europe. I took the console in my carry-on and put a stack of games and some controllers in my checked luggage, that worked fine. Should be easier with the PS4 as it's smaller and lighter.

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I'm on PSN right now, works like a charm (for once). Have you checked your ethernet cable is still connected? Or did you recently change your wireless network password?

Also, @babychoochoo: I have P.T. installed but don't experience any issues. At least not yet.

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Interesting to read what others spend. I don't have too much time to play and I usually don't feel the need to buy games immediately when they come out, so not too much. I recently bought a PS4 so it's a bit more at the moment as I'm enjoying my shiny new toy, but for my 360 it was about the equivalent of $30-35 a month, I think. No pc and I don't care about mobile games, so that saves on all the Steam and Humble sales.

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@hamst3r: Exactly, that is what I would prefer as well. Lots of time spent with the game in order to form a nuanced opinion, a one paragraph review with some highlights and a Quick Look.

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From your wording, it sounds like you might have a (lingering) alcohol problem. Perhaps consider cutting back a bit and start those exercises you were talking about?

Also, as someone before already said: switching to hard liquor will still provide you plenty of calories.

Anyway, I'm more of a scotch guy, so that's where I can chip in a bit. Some years ago I wanted to learn to enjoy scotch, as some people loved the stuff and I wanted to understand why. So I did some research and start trying different single malts. There are basically five different areas in Scotland after which single malts are named: Lowlands, Highlands, Speyside, Islands and Islay. The major difference between these areas is their the amount of turf in the ground, which adds to the smokiness of the whisky. The Lowlands have the least, Islay (one particular island with a lot of turf) has the most. Therefore, Lowland whiskies are the easiest to start with, although I believe there are only two distilleries left (Glenmorangie and another one).

I actually started with Highlands and Speysides, particularly the smoother ones (I still don't really like the sharper whiskies). Some easy starters are Dalwhinnie, Cragganmore, Cardhu and Oban. I still love all of these, the first three are some of my go-to-whiskies. Just try standard editions, don't bother with any special editions yet. As some here said, adding some drops of water helps to let the flavour come out. Drinking some water next to it might help if it's too strong, sometimes I still do that as well. Also, don't drink it immediately after you pour it out, otherwise the alcohol will come out too much, which isn't very pleasant. Let it air a few minutes.

Just do some research, try to find someone who loves these and can teach you a thing or two, try out some different Highlands, Lowlands and Speysides, and see what you like (also try Johnny Walker Black, it's a great blend). After you've gotten a taste for it, try an Islay to understand the difference. I'd recommend Caol Ila or Ardbeg, but there are six different distilleries to choose from.

From there, you can start to try out the different distilleries and editions and see what you enjoy the most. I hope you can learn to enjoy them like I did!

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At the gym, usually some 1-2 hour electro mix I download for free from SoundCloud or similar sites. Mixes from the likes of Peep'n Tom (Peepshow series), Mustard Pimp (Catastrophe series), Mogaui (Punx Up The Volume series), TSNM (No Excuses series), Alex Funk.

If anyone has recommendations for similar mix series, I'm open to suggestions.

When just running, I listen to whatever genre I feel like.

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I actually didn't really like how it played, remember it being frustrating in parts. Fun writing, though.

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Sounds a bit like 'seeing what you want to see'. It doesn't mention 'Pro Skater' anywhere. Tony Hawk probably has more going on that that 5 can refer to. I would mind a new entry though, that's for sure.

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I just did. Having said that, I only had a 360, so it was time for me to jump to the next generation anyway. And with a few Easter days coming up, this is a nice time to check out a new system.