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I myself am liking it a lot too, and I think they way the implemented the User Generated missions is awesome. I'd love to see something like this in Sly 4.

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The characters and enemies I have to work with in the editor feel a bit limited. I'm still somewhat early but I was wondering if, as you progressed in the story you unlocked more enemies to fight, because I'm noticing a few enemies I have fought in the story that are not appearing in the editor.

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Console is a lead platform for a major game. And, this is news to you.

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So very stoked 8D
EDIT: Wait, Sucker Punch isn't making this one... DX

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Listen to companies stroke their egos while pretending they have found the cure for cancer? No thanks.

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The reason is fairly simple, because it's one of the few games where regenerative health actually makes sense. Think about it, your character has cybernetic augmentations, and so it seems realistic to believe one of these augmentations would allow for the body to heal it's own wounds, sort of like Wolverine.

Hey, it sure makes a lot more sense than the regenerating health in Call of Duty.

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@Contro said:
Jumping in would be fine, but playing the original first would add a certain something to your experience of the sequel, that it wouldn't otherwise give.
Understandable. I do want to ask, though, if it's as easy to forget what you're supposed to be doing as it was in the first one unless you dedicated extremely long play times to it. I'm not bashing on the game, mind you, as I wish there were more RPGs like The Witcher. I just couldn't overlook this one flaw, for me at least.
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I have The Witcher and, as much as I like it, I couldn't keep myself interested because (And I'm sure many have had this issue) I eventually always forget what the plot is, what I'm supposed to be doing and why I should care. So, as a result, I've never finished it. Does anyone know if I would be lost on too many things if I just jumped into this one? (I believe I got as far as the 3rd act)

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Oh boo fucking hoo at least they are offering something. Not to mention the free month of Premium Memberships.

Yes, Sony fucked up, but this is getting ridiculous.