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Let the circle jerk commence!

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Loving the hugely offensive Cards Against Humanity page, Ryan would be proud.

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Hey man I can't really help you out there but if you can't find anyone here, try googling LFG Destiny, there are tons of websites dedicated to it.

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I like the music, video is pretty cheesy but whatever.

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I've liked Total Biscuit since back when he used to commentate on Starcraft 2 (not sure if he still does?) I remember he wasn't super knowledgeable about the little in-and-outs in the beginning but he put his all into it, eventually he got much better and became one of my favorites to listen commentate.

Although I voted for Jeff, I can understand why Total Biscuit would win this one.

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@mb said:

These Telltale games are becoming a chore. I may pick this up when it hits 80% off on Steam or something like that.

A chore, as in to play? Or just too many?

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Review wise I think it is doing pretty good, I still need to go through the Walking Dead Season 2 though.

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I think the characters look fantastic but man, the hair has that same look Everquest 2 had and still has, that clay, caked on, fake look to it, know what I mean? Shorter hair looks great though.

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Holy shit what a hassle to get this picture on here, there's probably a way easier way but this was my method for getting the screenshot off my PS4.

I captured the picture, sent it to a friend on PSN, logged onto the PSN companion app on my phone and saved the picture to my phone, sent the picture from my phone to my email, opened my email on my PC and saved the picture to my PC, posted the picture here from my PC.

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I miss the wiki editor suggestions they used to have on the front page. Also but not really a quirk, I miss PS3/PS4 trophy support and quests, those were both awesome.