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Interesting interview, and there's something to be said about the raids be super difficult and having no match making, I actually like it, forces you to do it old-school like Vanilla Wow or older mmo's like Everquest, and you really get to know one another, it can create a strong bond and community between your guild/clan.

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Man I get where you coming from, but this topic has been made so many times over the years, and as much as you might want to help, just let them live their lives. If they want to eat drive through every day, fuck it, let them.

Not trying to be a dick, I care about the guys and would hate for anything to happen to any of them, it's just this has been mentioned soooooo many times.

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The way levels are segmented and cut up was probably because of it's development for last gen consoles, could of just been a design choice but it sure looks a little gimped (I haven't played it yet myself).

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Fuck those assholes, feel bad for Dan, seems like a good guy and definitely didn't deserve this.

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@jbg4 said:
@poser said:

We have created a society where hurting other people is considered comedy.... it's as simple as that folks.

Do these types of threads get locked? Or is stuff like this just "censored" by the staff for videos and stuff?

I'm totally lost on what you're talking about. I created the thread to let anyone who hasn't tried to use PSN that it is down and posted the possible reasoning behind that. There is no comedy, nothing funny, in the original post. It's straight forward, PSN is down, maybe here is the reason. I see no reason to lock this thread or censor it in any way and I'm sure the mods will feel the same way. There is nothing abusive at all in the OP, the responses, or any part of the thread.

Anyway, back to the actual discussion, it appears according the Playstation Twitter account that connectivity is slowly being restored.

Was it confirmed to be another attack? Either way, it sucks that this keeps happening.

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Are any of the Giant Bomb clans still active?

I'm in the North American one and I've seen about 2-4 people on max, not a whole lot of activity.

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I want to throw him and Jeff into a pool of mustard.

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Since I joined in August 2008.

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When I was a 12 or 13 I traded my Gamecube with over 20 games, and controller to EB Games for a PSP, and 2 games (and I still had to pay like $30). Man did I ever regret that decision, and I still do.

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I thought this was going to be free-to-play? I may take a look at it at some point, not sure if I'm willing to pay that much for a mobile game (excluding vita and 3DS).