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I think the characters look fantastic but man, the hair has that same look Everquest 2 had and still has, that clay, caked on, fake look to it, know what I mean? Shorter hair looks great though.

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Holy shit what a hassle to get this picture on here, there's probably a way easier way but this was my method for getting the screenshot off my PS4.

I captured the picture, sent it to a friend on PSN, logged onto the PSN companion app on my phone and saved the picture to my phone, sent the picture from my phone to my email, opened my email on my PC and saved the picture to my PC, posted the picture here from my PC.

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I miss the wiki editor suggestions they used to have on the front page. Also but not really a quirk, I miss PS3/PS4 trophy support and quests, those were both awesome.

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I find it honestly weird that it's perfectly fine for people to shoot (probably) hundrets of people in a video-game but when it comes to animals the consciousness kicks in. No matter it's all video games (so who really cares) but those lines in the sand seem a little skewed.

This argument always bothered me, most animals do not go out of there way to cause genocides, war, rape and other horrible things. Sure it does happen in nature but not with the same intent as the human race, and neither on the same massive scale. Fuck humans, we are way bigger pieces of shit than any animals (besides mosquitoes, they can all burn).

Although I still feel a little bad when I accidently kill civilians or innocents in games.

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Honestly don't know how you can't enjoy Brad as host, plus you can tell Jeff is much more comfortable when not in the host position.

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***Did my post get deleted? I mentioned how much it sucks and wish Sony wouldn't mess up 80 different things every patch***

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@theblue said:

Are you playing on the PS4? The trophies are bugged in that version. I want to say there's a patch that may fix it so try looking for updates if you're still on version 1.0. You may have to start a new file to try to get the trophies you missed.

Yeah I think the same thing happened to me, an update is out though but I don't know if it fixes the trophy issue.

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Thanks for doing this, I remember seeing your posts before. and hey Jakob187 I remember you from way back, good to see some of the GB vets still around.