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I really want in this clan...... PSN ID: SkillzThatzKill

2 years too late :(

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No but I have always wanted to go back and beat it as it bugs the shit out of me that I didn't "beat" the game.

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I understand where you are coming from, I played through Saints Row 3 on PS3 and I thought it was fine but I can also see how it would bug the shit out of other people, the PC version simply runs and looks way better on the right hardware.

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Everyone seems to exclude Boardwalk Empire, fucking fantastic show.

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Ahh, I was wondering if I had missed my chance, thanks man.

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I just got paid and was hoping to purchase one of the FUCK RYAN DAVIS shirts but the page isn't up anymore, did I miss my chance?

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Yeah, don't go to the usual backwaters. The two/three that are always hateful pits of shit reverberate with, at the nicest, "who?".

Fuck em.

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I work at staples and am definitely going to get this turned into a small poster, thank you for such an awesome piece of art.

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Losing someone you love hurts and we all loved Ryan whether we met him or not. I broke down when I heard he had died and didn't even want to go to work. Afterwards I jumped on the forums and twitter and had seen the immense response from the community and I'm fucking glad this whole thing has brought us together, it really shows how influential Ryan was, he was truly one of the good guys and we will never forget him.

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I was crying like a little bitch when my girlfriend called, but she understood as I listened to these guys all the time, even she knew who Ryan was and was taken back by it all.