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So here I am on week 6 almost 7 of my Hunter journey, everything is going well and I'm on day 3/3 of a mission that could cause 100% of my population to be decimated. I only need a few more kills to make it so that only 60% of my population is killed off but *BAM* MOTHER FUCKER, LOST CONNECTION. A message popped up right when the game started "leaving game" and then "Lost connection" and all my survivors were killed and I have to start over. I just sat there as it brought up the "Select your gang!" screen, as if it were taunting me.

Anyways to turn this from a blog-rant and into a forum discussion, have any of you duders had something similar happen before? You know, lose all you save data and just stare blankly at the screen in distraught and want to murder the next person that walks in through the door.

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Oh man I hope they find these videos/shoots.

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Ughhhh Green Day.

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That'd be an awesome looking special edition controller but I wouldn't want my console to look like that. Call me boring but I like my systems to be one solid color though I do wish they came in a variety of colors.

I can understand that, the consoles being all black looks sleek and sexy, turns me the fuck on.

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Can't say I have had this problem, I am playing on a old 40gb fat model though.

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Wasn't it Microsoft who planned 9/11?

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Really looking forward to this, hoping it comes out on PS3 or PS4 sometime though.

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The only reason I would ever want an Xbox One would be a new Viva Pinata, Conker, or Killer Instinct.

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Fish will move out of the way when you swim by them.

**The guy on the tv even said so.**

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Drive, The Warriors, Terminator 2.