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Posted by Interfect

 Yo The Legend of Dragoon is the shit. I even got a copy of it which i never finished but need to re start anyways. Definitely had the best turn based combat. Which the timing combos and stuff.

Posted by Bucketdeth

Man I can't get enough of that game, I loved everything about it, the story was awesome, the music was awesome, the cutscenes were awesome, the combat was awesome.....to much awesome for one game.

Posted by jNerd

I can still remember standing in Wal*Mart staring at 'The Legend of Dragoon' for 20 minutes & I still ended up not buying it, lol. + I've never really gotten into StarCraft, maybe I'll try when 2 releases.

Posted by Bucketdeth

If you enjoy jap RPG's but with less cartoony anime and more action,story and combat you should like it, and if you like RTS games at all you should try Starcraft.