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Battlefield revival. 0

I had only played the demo for Battlefield 1942 long ago, and remember it being a ton of fun, after deleting that off my computer I hadn't played anymore battlefield games besides a quick look at 2142, in which I didn't like sadly.So here I was wanting to play a WW2 shooter and Battlefield 1943 was being released, so I downloaded it, expecting it to be pretty good, I knew it couldn't be a bad game.Well my first match I did pretty horrible, I started off as a rifleman on the map Wake Island, I be...

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Age Of Co....(Not finished) 0

Well I went into Age Of Conan with a set of high hopes, this game looked to be the mmo I would be with for years to come, the World Of Warcraft killer, that one perfect game I could come back to over and over without thinking "Why am I playing this" well I was half right, the game does start off quite well, but soon declines into a rocky shit mudslide in which it can`t stop, an avalanche of bug, glitches and unfinished rushed work. Maybe it was my hype that killed it, maybe it was me believing t...

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