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Rest well, duder. You gave it all. Thanks for the many hours I´ve enjoyed with you guys.

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I cant find words to describe my feelings right now. I thank the community for their support.

It feels good to see support from all around the world.

Vi står fast ved våre verdier.

<3 Norge <3

A song that meaby helps.


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Make an Pokemon MMO. Would be too good. Expansion packs would be silver/gold and ruby/saphire.

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@SSValis: I've been at giantbomb since before the site was up and running. I followed the four musketeers of gaming since gamespot. Jeff and the rest of the guys give us news in a way we like and their podcast rock. Whos cares about region, bro?
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Really expensive to travel there from Norway, but I've would love to take the trip.

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On the forum I'm usually on were having this top 10 videogame list. I've been having a hard time trying to figure out whats gonna be on mine.
I feel like there are to many games that I have really enjoyed and that should be on the list.
If someone comes by this blog, would you be kind enough to let me in on what should define the top 10 games in your life.
 Was it the first really good game you played or the newest with the sickest graphics you've ever seen. 
Anyways I probably post the list when its complete.