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I just finished it earlier today and I really loved it. It's somewhat short (I finished it inone 2-3 hour sitting,) but it's absolutely beautiful and weird and magical in every way possible.

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Can I endlessly bitch about how bad it is, if I beta test it?

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I hate that it's sort of an "dude who likes indie games" cliche, but Rohrer's games were always super inspiring to me. He's definitely one of the more interesting developers out there.

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I mean this is little more than "SEE, WE TOTALLY DO HAVE SOMETHING!" on the part of 38, but it's still a cool visual style at least. So good for them.

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@jingy: Did you not read the article? "GB: Players feel like they should have this unique impact on this world and how it plays out, and it’s what makes the world "entitlement" feel...it doesn’t seem to work as well for the reaction. Entitlement’s a really easy word to apply to it, but in some sense, players should feel entitled when they’ve been told they’re the ones who are entitled to make these decisions.

When they get to an end that isn’t satisfying, an end where BioWare says they want to make a statement, that goes directly contrary to the player and the agency they had during that experience."

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Considering that the Neo Geo Pocket Color is the greatest handheld system of all time, I am very excited.

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Whether or not I get this entirely hinges upon the amount of "Superman" by Goldfinger in it.

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Man, I thought this was just going to be a ripoff of Miegakure, but this looks pretty bad. Absolutely none of the cool mathematical concepts.

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Wii University?

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I love me some original ass Halo, but this feels dirty. Also, this trailer is fucking awful.

I wonder if they'll remake The Library to be less terrible, too.