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Just like Ryan said, atleast we're now spared of all those terrible Michael Jackson jokes. 

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L.A. TImes and CBS News are confirming  news of Michael Jackon's death.

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I despise "The Game" more than Jeff despises the Wii.

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As a layman, I'd suggest plugging in your component cables and rotating them slowly, checking to see if the humming subsides.

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No Counter-Strike?

Then you must have never played the game in a LAN setting on a consistent basis. 
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@TheKidNixon: ..but do you think his style suits the movie?
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@TheKidNixon: I didn't check his Wikipedia page, but I was right, McG is a failure as a director. Thats not exactly what I said, but it was implied. 
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Sasha Vujacic is Skynet's most advanced model, he doesn't stop shooting.

I know...lame NBA joke...I  just couldn't help myself.
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The movie is at 34% on the Tomatometer. I guess movie critics agree with me.

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I watched Termintator: Salvation yesterday, and if you're expecting anything more than a dumb action flick with poor acting, and an incomprehensible  plot, then save your money because this movie ain't worth it. The director, who calls himself McG, is clearly an amatuer who has never been at the helm of big budget action movies. The transition from one scene to the next can leave you feeling confused, as though there are big chunks of footage that have been thrown out. The characters are uninsipired, and their dialogue is filled with cliches. 

Stop me if you've heard this one before: "Never point a gun at someone kid, unless you're prepared to use it" 

Other lines will have you rolling your eyes, such as this cheesy line at the end of the movie: "What seperates us from the machines, is the strength of the human heart"

So, yes this movie is incredibly cheesy, and isn't worh the full price of admission. If your looking for a big action flick then I recommend you watch Star Trek, and If you've already watched that  you're better off renting a game from blockbuster. 
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