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Spaghetti sauce.

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Dendrophiliacs unite!

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I see trees are widely accepted by the Giant Bomb community!

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Can I get a fuck yeah?

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The Shaun of the Dead one could have been much better if the detail color was red. The purple had no relevance!
I also loved the Devil May Cry one. That was great.

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It's not much harder. The only problem I had with it was the repetition, because I played through it 3 times in a row within the course of about a week. The best strategy I think was listed before: You have to trigger the enemies to run out and start shooting at you, and once you do that, run back (keep rolling to dodge bullets) and get behind a wall - one that is as tall as you, like a column, not a little waist-high wall - and don't press O. When you AIM, from your perspective, you can see the enemies but they can't see you. Make sure to conserve your bullets, blindfire with grenades, and always reload.  Good luck.

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Alright, just got back from completing it on Crushing. Honestly, it wasn't that bad. I think I died more from platforming than from the enemies.
PS - the platinum tastes sweet. Very sweet hehe.

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I see on the side of pages that there's a video section. Am I able to add videos? Or do I have to have a special privilege or something?

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I started playing on Crushing a few hours ago. The first 3 chapters barely have any shooting to do, and Chapter 4 was a do-able challenge. Now I'm on Chapter 5 right after all of the platforming at the beginning - haven't tried getting past where I am though, I just decided to go on the computer instead :D  

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Ah, I guess that settles that - haha. Thanks.

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