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Beverly Hills Cop Theme

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I ended up with about 800 hours of skyrim probably about 500 on battlefield bad company 2

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The main problem with some of these games are they are either just cash generating sequels (apart from bio shock) and reboots. Dead space 3 feels so removed from its origins that it might aswell be called something else. crysis 3 just looks like another average shooter, the tech will be nice on pc but thats all its really got going for it. All they've done with tomb raider is turn it into uncharted. Looking foward to sim city even though i'll have to play it on my bro's pc, bit sceptical about the last of us just because deep down its still a zombie game. And hopefully we'll see star wars 1313 and watchdogs confirmed as launch titles. This years e3 will be a good one.

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As long as obsidian have had enough time this game will be good.

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@deathfromace: So what happens if they make their money and are still holding an ip?

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So is thq completely screwed or can they still be saved by selling off properties?

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alot of these games are nearly finished any e.g south park, company of heroes and metro, hopefully these studios can find another publisher similar to what happened with sleeping dogs. Would not be too surprised if homefront 2 got cancelled seeing as this was thq's go at the fps market and the other big publishers dont need another shooter. Hard to say whats going to happen with saints row even though it was a good game i dont think it sold that well.

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As long as we get the south park game it does'nt really matter who publishes it, And how many people are really going to care about saints row 4 when gta v comes out next year?